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CDN Colour Breed Highlights for the April 2014 Release

CDN has released it’s April 2014 Genetic Evaluations, find out what the highlights are among the Colour Breeds in Canada!

Three Newcomers Debut Among Top 30 LPI Sires in Ayrshires

The Ayrshire breed receives a group of ten new young sire graduates this round, of which three penetrate the list of Top 30 for LPI. Heading the way is Lashburn Jeopardy at #18 LPI, who is a son of Normandin out of Kildare Kellybuck Jolly (daughter of Kildare Patsy B-Justy- ET). Hautpre Kahlua is the second highest new arrival at #24 LPI becoming the only son of Blackaddar Solid Oak proven in Canada, with his dam being Hautpre Peterslund Karona-ET. Debuting at #30 LPI this round and tied at #8 Conformation with +11, is Duo Star Pokerstars (Poker x Trident). Among the breed leaders for LPI, Orraryd stays firm at #1 and is now followed by Kamouraska Rockstar after he gains 113 LPI points to land at #2 from #11 LPI. Kamouraska Decaf-ET also moves up the ranks, leaving #7 LPI to take #3 spot this round. The highest newcomer last round, Lessard Jumper, gets sandwiched at #5 LPI by two familiar leaders, notably Peterslund (#4 LPI) and B Jurist (#6 LPI). The list of Top 10 LPI bulls is completed by Percy, T-Bruno, Landscape and Kansas ranking #7 to #10 respectively. After suffering losses for both production and type, two maternal brothers, namely D’Albanel Marlow-ET (#14 LPI) and D’Albanel Jurassic (#37 LPI), both slip down the LPI rankings from #2 and #15, respectively.

For Ayrshire cows, the daughter-dam pair of Kamouraska Orra Xuby (#1 LPI, #1 Fat, #1 Protein) and Kamouraska Peterslund Ruby (#2 LPI) stay solidly as breed leaders. Tied at #3 LPI this round are Glen Malcolm Orra Mikie (#3 Protein) and Ramco Orraryd Bess (tied #4 Protein), while Kamouraska Jupi Uby-ET (daughter of Ruby) and Lagace Reality Modique- ET share #5 LPI spot. Visserdale Selena 3 realizes a gain of 126 points to jump from #46 to #7 LPI, a position she shares with Kamouraska Poker Wilhelmina (maternal sister to Ruby). Rounding off the Top 10 LPI list is Kamouraska Xefalda-ET (maternal sister to Ruby and Wilhelmina) at #9 and Kamouraska Poker Rubis-ET (daughter of Ruby and maternal sister to Xuby and Uby) at #10 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Ramco Orraryd Betty at #14 LPI.

Incredible Trio Infiltrates Top 10 LPI Jersey Sires

With his first official Canadian evaluation, Richies Jace TBone A364 (Jace x Lemvig, US proven) comes up big time at #1 LPI (tied #2 Fat, tied #6 Protein) and dethrones Q Impuls (#2 LPI) after a lengthy term as breed leader. Two young sire recruits also make an outstanding debut as BW Renegade (Maximum x Centurion) takes #3 LPI (#5 Fat) and Chilli Action Colton ET (Action x Connection) arrives at #8 LPI. The influx of these three entrants among the Top 10 LPI stirs up the top rankings, which now include Walker (#4), Legal (#5), Celebrity (#6), Pancho (#7), Dice (#9) and Valentino at #10 LPI.

After her first official GLPI last round, Sunset Canyon Merchants I Maid becomes the new #1 Jersey cow (#2 Fat) as Reyla Impuls Chardonnay loses 113 points and slips to #8 GLPI. Stornaway Valentino Pasta steps up a notch to #3 GLPI and stays ahead of the three highest newly indexed cows this round. These interesting arrivals include Bona Eclipes Risabelle ET (#4), Sprucevale-SL Legal Vista ET (#5) and Hautpre Renegade Florence ET at #6 GLPI (tied #5 Fat, daughter of Hautpre Legacy Fate at #15 GLPI). The dam of Risabelle, namely Bona Legacy Ricky ET, jumps from #17 to take #6 GLPI this round. The Top 10 GLPI list is completed by Hometown N Feature Attraction (#7 GLPI, tied #5 Fat), Hometown Region’s Abbigale ET (#9) and Stornaway TBone Tiara at #10 GLPI.

Maternal Brothers Receive First Official LPI in Brown Swiss Breed

Two US-proven maternal brothers receive their first official LPI this round and rank among the Top 30. Old Mill WDE Supreme ET (Primetime x Emory) debuts at #12 LPI and #1 Conformation with +13, while Old Mill C Solution ET (Collection x Emory) lands at #27 LPI. The battle for breed leader ends this round with Triangles Acres PO Payoff ET at #1 LPI (#2 Milk, #2 Protein) and Blessing Prophet Ransom in #2 spot (#1 Milk). Sun-Made Vigor gains 214 points and climbs from #14 to #3 LPI this round, just ahead of Scharz BS Presid Alibaba at #4 LPI. Karl Peters’ BS Zoldo Zeus also experiences a jump of 127 points and moves from #11 to take #5 LPI. The two highest newly indexed cows this round penetrate the Top 10 LPI list as Top Swiss Huray Hilda takes #5 LPI and Gubelman Vigor Lexy occupies #10 LPI. While Gubelman Juhus Dazzel remains breed leader at #1 LPI (#1 Protein, daughter of Gubelman Pronto Dorissa at # 7 LPI and #2 Protein), she is now followed by Gubelman Juhus Crystal at #2 LPI. Staying solid at #3 LPI is Anfield FB Jane’s Emma ET, ahead of Swisslane Scipio Miia (#4) and her daughter, Swisslane Wonderment Mia, at #6 LPI and #1 Conformation.

“Angel” and Daughters Dominate Top 10 LPI in Milking Shorthorns

Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP-ET (#1 LPI) and Lands-Brook Chardonnay ET EXP (#2 LPI) continue their battle for “Queen of the Breed”, switching rank again this round. The same is true for Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET (#3 LPI, maternal sister to Angel) and Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme ET, now at #4 LPI. Two full-sister daughters of Angel realize significant LPI gains to enter the Top 10 LPI list this round, namely, Lady Grove BM Ali (#5 LPI from #19, up 191 points) and Lady Grove BM Alise (#10 LPI from #42, up 215 points). Lady Grove Mocha Angeline ET is the third Angel daughter among the Top 10 at #6 LPI with the rest of the list completed by Oceanbrae Jurist Betty (#7), Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P ET (#8) and Oceanbrae Logic Betty in #9 LPI spot. For top LPI sires, little change occurs this with B Jurist (#1) and Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace ET (#2) leading the breed, now followed by Clarefield Mocha (#3), GMC Rebel Logic ET (#4), and Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato at #5 LPI. Receiving his first official progeny proof at #16 LPI is Oceanbrae Idol, who is a son of Innisfail Prince of Diamonds (#11 LPI) out of Fieldcrest Ideal-P.

“Polka” Dances into Top 5 LPI in the Canadienne Breed

After the arrival of Beauvoie Faberge (Oscar x Expo) as a young sire graduate last round, the Canadienne breed will also find interest in De Tilly Polka ET (Kanuk x Oscar) as the latest newcomer starting at #4 LPI, #4 Milk, #4 Fat and tied at #3 Protein. Faberge remains firm at #2 LPI, behind Expo (#1 for LPI, Milk, Fat and Protein) and is followed by Simon (#3 LPI, #1 Conformation) and Nectar at #5 LPI. For cows, the Top 5 LPI list remains fixed including Monbriant Expo Fleurette, Acton Energika Rosie 3R ET, Acton Expo Sara, Clerjoye Expo Rose 36B 50.0 and Acton Epi Nita in that order. The two highest newly indexed cows this round are both Polka daughters, namely Beauvoie Polka Fleuronne (#43 LPI, granddaughter of Fleurette) and Celebrity Polka Reine (#50 LPI).

Guernsey Breed Welcomes New Young Sire Graduate

Springhill Judgment-ET (Aaron x Tiller) becomes officially proven this round and lands at #19 LPI. Breed leaders of Lewis (#1), Double L (#2), Bingo (#3) and Jordan (#4) stay firm while Warden steps up one spot to #5 LPI. Little re-ranking also occurs for top LPI cows with Glen Haven Lewis Lana still at #1, but she is now followed by Guernsey View Tina’s Winnie (#2), Maplehurst Aarons Bianca (#3), Eby Manor Lewis Secelia (#4) and Eby Lawn Delta Bev at #5 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Guernsey View Tina’s Yancey at #15 LPI, who is a full sister to Winnie.

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