"Cash mob" held effort aid Pennsylvania Dairy farmers

“Cash mob” to be held in an effort to aid Pennsylvania Dairy farmers

A candidate for a state representative seat is hosting a “cash mob” to aid in the dairy crisis.

Deb Baughman, who is running for the 78th district seat in Bedford County, will host the cash mob event at Hidden Hills Dairy in Everett, April 25.

A cash mob is when a group of people go to a business and make purchases in an effort to provide financial support to a local industry.

“We have chosen Hidden Hills Farm as the first site for a cash mob to highlight the importance of dairy farming to this area, the historic role of farming in the 78th District, the many challenges farmers face these days and the support agriculture as a whole needs from Harrisburg,” Baughman said.

State Sen. Jake Corman announced earlier this week an initiative to help combat the dairy crisis.

Corman is pushing for incentive programs to attract a dairy processing plant to Pennsylvania.

“We need to make dairy farming and agriculture a priority,” Corman said.

“We need to take action that will attract a processing facility to locate here in order to help our farmers, all while stimulating our local economies.”

Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation for milk production, but dairy farmers currently face low prices for milk, an increase in production cost and a market where the supply outweighs the demand.

If new processing plants do come to the Commonwealth, it could see a nearly $35 million boost to the economy.

State Rep. Jesse Topper, who represents Bedford County in the 78th District, said a House Committee hearing took place recently where lawmakers discussed if new processing plants were to come to the state and those plants kept more than 20 percent of the state’s milk supply in the Commonwealth, it would reduce hauling costs and increase milk premiums.

“Farming remains Pennsylvania’s largest industry and a key component to our economy, especially here in Bedford County,” said Topper. “I look forward to working with my colleagues and farmers to help ensure our diary industry not only survives, but thrives.”

Baughman, a Democrat, seeks to dethrone Topper, a Republican, for the 78th District seat in this year’s election.


Source: WJACTV

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