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Cargill’s Dairy EnteligenTM helps Canadian dairy producers milk the power of data

Cargill is transforming the way its customers manage their dairy operations through Dairy EnteligenTM, a digital platform designed to unleash the power of data and insights to help farmers improve their operations. Dairy EnteligenTM is now
available in Canada through Cargill and the Purina brand.

“In today’s agricultural economy, dairy farmers are looking for real-time information and insights,” said Ricardo Daura, Cargill’s Digital Insights Global Product Line Director for Ruminants and Pork.

“We believe Dairy EnteligenTM can help producers make better, simpler decisions to run a profitable and efficient farm and preserve optimal animal health and condition.”

With a simple touch on a tablet or smartphone, dairy consultants can help producers track key information, including milk productivity, animal health and comfort, and feed management. The Dairy EnteligenTM data collection, management and analysis platform can combine data from multiple on-farm software programs into one comprehensive system. This feature, unique to the industry, allows Cargill consultants and customers to make precise decisions based on live herd
metrics from multiple sources.

“Dairy farmers today have a multitude of data from different programs on the farm. The ability to harness data from multiple sources allows our consultants to work with producers to interpret the data and to spot trends,” said Dr. Martin Léonard, CAN Canada Ruminant Strategic Marketing and Technology Director.

Dairy EnteligenTM also allows producers to benchmark their farm performance with peers and dairy farms worldwide. “Our Canadian dairy farms are becoming even more sophisticated, but we want to look beyond what’s happening in our own backyard. The ability to benchmark with farms around the world helps producers really take their business to the next level,” said Dr. Léonard.

Dairy EnteligenTM was developed by Cargill’s new Digital Insights division which is committed to digitalization and analytics. Cargill is expected to expand the Dairy EnteligenTM platform over the next several months, including integrations with facial recognition and imaging tools.

“Technology is reshaping and redefining the agricultural and food sectors,” Daura said. “Dairy EnteligenTM is just one example of the ways Cargill is looking to technology to unlock insights that will help our customers grow, and more efficiently and sustainably manage their farm business.”

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