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Canhope Holsteins Share New Scores

This mid-May visit from the classifier was a success for Canhope Holsteins of Palmerston, Ontario – bringing their new herd breakdown to 18 EX, 36 VG, 5 GP and 2 NC. Check out the exciting highlights below!

Canhope Diamondback Brilyssa VG-85
Canhope Kingpin Bekindered VG-85
Canhope Kingpin Bronwyn VG-85
Quality Luster Lollipop VG-85 – Owned by Goldline Genetics
Canhope Attraction Zoey VG-86
Canhope Dempsey McKinley VG-86

2nd lactation VG
Canhope Unix Quinlynn VG-86
Canhope Cross Brenlee VG-87
Canhope Cross Britches VG-87
Canhope Cross Lashes VG-87
Hodglynn Bright Impression VG-89 MAX – Owned with Goldline Genetics

1st time EX
Canhope Sirwood Brysta EX-90
Canhope Solomon Belexi EX-90
Canhope Solomon Laila EX-92

Multiple E
Duckett Doorman Tyra EX-3E

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