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Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year Nominees

The Jersey Canada Cow of the Year contest is in its fourth year and continues to gain popularity. It is a chance to recognize a cow that truly demonstrates outstanding qualities within a broad range of criteria. The cow is consistent, extraordinary and a legacy to her sons and daughters.

2014 Cow of the Year Nominees

Jersey Canada is pleased to announce three nominees who have been selected to compete for the coveted Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year award. The nominees are Canadian born purebred Jerseys who showcase longevity, production, genetic merit, and strength of pedigree – both the nominees and winner of this interactive contest are great ambassadors of Canadian genetics.

Voting: November 3, 2014 to January 26, 2015 Announced: February 2, 2015 and presented at the Jersey Canada Annual General Meeting  The nominees selected for the 2014 Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year competition are as follows: 1.Avonlea Renaissance Kookie – ET Breeder: Avonlea Jerseys ~ Owner: Avonlea Genetics Inc.

2.Glenholme Saturns Anastasia Breeder & Owner: Robert and Bruce Mellow of Glenholme Jerseys

3.Enniskillen Tops Grove Breeder & Owner: Enniskillen Jerseys

More information on each nominee will be available in the December/January issue of the Canadian Jersey Breeder and on the Jersey Canada web site in late October. “When the voting gates open on November 3rd, participants can take advantage of the convenient voting options,” stated Kathryn Kyle, General Manager for Jersey Canada, “we will also accept votes at the Royal, so be sure to find our booth.” There are three ways that each prefix/farm can vote: on-line, email and in-person, and although each prefix/farm can only submit one vote, you do not need to be a Jersey Canada member.

“This is a chance to recognize a Jersey cow that truly demonstrates extraordinary qualities and is a legacy to her sons and daughters,” comments Mathieu Larose, President of Jersey Canada, “voting ends January 26, 2015 – the winner is announced thereafter and is then presented with the award at the Jersey Canada Annual Meeting in March 2015.”

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