Canadian Dairy Network Holstein Canada Announce Genetic Decision Software

Canadian Dairy Network and Holstein Canada Announce New Genetic Decision Software

Earlier today Canadian Dairy Network’s Brian Van Doormaal and Holstein Canada’s Brad Eggink announced the fall launch of Compass; a free, web-based software tool designed to aid producers in making more profitable breeding decisions while maximizing their herd’s genetic potential.

Compass will be available as its own domain and through both the CDN and Holstein Canada web sites. This tool will easily provide a herd’s genetic information, suggested courses of action and will allow the producer to review the return on investment for several different breeding strategies.

Using the available genetic herd information provided by CDN, Holstein Canada and milk recording, producers will be able to create their own customized version of LPI or Pro$ to better suit their specific herd goals and objectives. Through Compass producers have the ability to view each animal’s genetic information, view trait
trends as well as sire information.

The Compass release is scheduled for Fall 2018. As more information becomes available on Compass it will be announced through Holstein Canada and CDN’s social media channels.

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