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Canadian Dairy Commission Market

Canadian Dairy Commission Market sends out a bulletin for a 12 month period ending October 2015.

Total demand for the twelve month period ending October 2015 was 332.91 M. kg BF, representing an increase of 0.6%compared to September 2015 and a 3.1% increase compared to October 2014.

For the 12 month period ending October 2015, BF utilization in Class 3 (cheese) increased by 8.2%. Cream in Class 1(b) remained strong with 3.2% more BF utilized in the period ending October 2015 compared to the period ending October 2014. Classes 2(a) and 2(b) performed well during the same period, with increases of 9.3% and 9.1% respectively. The main decrease for the period came from further processing, with a 4.3% drop in BF utilization. Overall butter consumption remained stable from September 2015 to October 2015, and year over year, consumption has increased by about 3%. Additional butter imports and increased milk production at the farm level are being used to alleviate butter supply issues in the industry.

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