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Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee: Willswikk Outside Della

Willswikk Outside Della EX-95 5E 15* was bred by J. William Wikkerink Farms and is currently owned by Wikkshaven Holsteins, Cobble Hill, BC. With a long list of accolades for both herself and her descendants, it is easy to see why Della, now almost 18 years old, deserves the prestigious honor of being nominated for ‘Cow of the Year’.

Willswikk Outside Della EX-95 5E 12*

Della has been an exceptional brood cow for the Wikkerink family. She made 109,962 kg’s of milk in seven lactations and at 14 years of age, completed a record of 11,943kg 712kg 6.0% (fat) and 365kg 3.1% (protein), with BCA’s of 250-409-247. While her production records have been impressive and have carried on through her progeny, the real story is Della’s ability to transmit her tremendous genetics from generation to generation.

Della’s Descendents:
– 7 EX & 8 VG daughters
– 13 EX & 24 VG Granddaughters
– 4 EX & 19 VG Great Granddaughters
– 1 VG-87 Great Great Granddaughter (so far!)

She comes her phenotype honestly, backed by three Excellent dams including Willswikk Charles Dream EX 3E 17*, Willswikk Star Diamond EX 7* and Willswikk Enhancer Daphne EX 2*. Della scored VG-87 as a 2yr old and earned her 95pt status at 12 years old. One of her granddaughters, Willswikk Duplex Dion, is also in the 95pt club and is a current herd favourite. Della’s most prominent daughter is Willswikk Champion Diana who scored EX-91 3E 12* and has 9 EX and 8 VG daughters of her own. Currently there are three cows that complete seven generations of excellent through the Della cow family.

L-R: Della EX-95 5E, owner Cindy Wikkerink and Willswikk Duplex Dion EX-95 3E, a granddaughter of Della.

Proud owner, Cindy Wikkerink says, “I cried when I found that Della was one of the four nominees for Cow of the Year! It’s such a tremendous honour to be nominated, especially due to the high quality and quantity of applications that Holstein Canada receives for this contest. Della has made such an impact on our herd, so to have her nominated for this is awesome.”

Cindy first showed Della as a calf, “she was pretty pushy already then,” says Cindy, who had a ring put in Della’s nose as a 3 year old. “She’s always been very determined. If she put her head down, she’d be gone!” Della never lost any of her feisty attitude either, requiring a kick bar in the parlour almost right up to her last lactation, and definitely at the shows. “She was certainly the boss on the show pack,” says Cindy, “and she was always the first one in the parlour.” Della made several appearances at the Vancouver Island Holstein Show and BC Spring Show during her show tenure and she captured Grand Champion at the Chilliwack Exhibition in 2008. In 2013, Della added “BC Cow of the Year” to her list of credits.

Currently Della is enjoying her retirement, in her box stall in the winter and in a pasture beside Cindy’s home in the summer. Della will turn 18 years old on April 22 and Cindy says, “the weak ones don’t survive! Della had attitude from day one and that’s why she’s lived so long!” And while Della doesn’t need the ring in her nose anymore, it’s kind of a part of her now and it helps Cindy’s three-year-old nephew, Jeremy, identify her easily.

Jeremy (3) can easily identify Della by the ring in her nose and is proud to lead her on his own.

Willswikk Outside Della has made a tremendous impact on the Willswikk herd and her longevity and transmitting ability help her epitomize the “Canadian Kind”, making her a very classy nominee for Cow of the Year.

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