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Canadian Breed Strategy Unveiled at 2014 Convention

Brantford, ON— Holstein Canada, along with fellow industry partners from across Canada, is proud to unveil the new Canadian Breed Strategy.
After a year-long consultation process with industry partners, members, committees and staff, the newly-updated Canadian Breed Strategy was launched during the Annual General Meeting at the 2014 National Holstein Convention. The vision of the Canadian Breed Strategy document is to “foster a collective, industry supported strategy for the future of the Holstein Breed which will act as a tool for Canadian dairy producers to maximize profitability and genetic improvement.”

Updating the Breed Strategy document has been years in the making as the last Canadian Breed Strategy was completed in 1997. Three years ago, Holstein Canada’s Board of Directors, through its Breed Advisory Committee, decided the document be once again updated to reflect modern day challenges and opportunities.

Throughout 2013 and early 2014, Holstein Canada met with industry partners as this collective strategy impacts and encompasses all industry partners in Canada. Holstein Canada staff also worked with its Breed Advisory Committee to consult Holstein members across Canada. At each branch AGM, questions were posed which helped gather feedback to shape the direction of the Breed Strategy. Online surveys and social media input were integral in the process to gather feedback from all platforms and from members across Canada. A draft of the Breed Strategy was shared in early 2014 before the final Strategy was finalized and unveiled at the AGM.

Holstein Canada Board member and Breed Advisory Committee Chairman Harry Van der Linden is excited about the launch of the Breed Strategy and is eager to get to work commenting “This evolving document gives us a road map of where we want to go and how to get there. This plan will change and evolve over the next six years in order to stay current and relevant and the five goals will remain in the forefront when making decisions. To all our members and industry partners who provided feedback and ideas on how to enhance the Canadian Breed Strategy, we have listened, and we sincerely thank you for your input. Together we have created a 20-20 vision. Now the real work begins.”

The newly-branded document outlines the 5 Breed Strategy goals which will be the basis to work done through to the year 2020.

The 5 Goals of the Canadian Breed Strategy

  • Enhance selection criteria that provide the best genetics to Canadian Holstein producers and the world
  • Develop and maintain animal evaluation systems that accurately assess profitable and trouble-free Holsteins in order to increase participation in genetic management programs.
  • Intensify collaboration and exchange between industry partners to gain efficiencies and increase effectiveness.
  • Support Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) in their request to implement a national traceability system for dairy cattle.
  • Cultivate a group of passionate and unified young leaders who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic advocates for the dairy industry who will become committed to breed advancement and industry sustainability in their chosen careers.

The next steps to begin implementing the Canadian Breed Strategy will be to create a working committee of industry partners. This group will help to formalize industry commitment and responsibility to carry out the plan. The steps and actions taken and carried out will evolve over the next 6 years through to 2020 when the Breed Strategy is expected to be completed and again updated.


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