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Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Open to Attendees & Ontario’s Premier

Weather has never stopped Ontario’s farmers – nor Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show(COFS). Despite heavy rains and inclement weather on Wednesday afternoon, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS)remains open for attendees to see the newest innovations and technologies at the nation’s premier agricultural showcase.
COFS President Doug Wagner says weather is just another one of the aspects of running an outdoor show.
“Things like weather are beyond our control,” says Wagner. “Luckily, many of our attendees work outside for a living and understand that that it is just another part of farming. The show site is turf grass, like your backyard lawn, which really helped with absorb the rain. But there are still muddy areas.”
Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture and Food, Premier Kathleen Wynne, will be among those attending COFS today. Wynne will tour some of the ag innovations that have been launched at this year’s Show and see ‘agriculture in action’.
The Team at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show would like to thank all exhibitors, attendees, staff and volunteers who helped out yesterday. And also to remind everyone, including Premier Wynne, to bring a pair of boots to the Show today.

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