Canada's dairy herds see slight increase

Canada’s dairy herds see slight increase

Canada’s dairy herd has reached 945,000 head, the highest total in the country since 2014.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, last year Canada had a total dairy herd of 930,300 on July 1. On the same day this year Canada’s total dairy cow and heifer that have calved was up 2% from last year.

 Canada has had a fluctuating dairy herd for the past few years. In 2012, the herd was at 952,100 head and it saw a slight increase the next year reaching 952,300 head. The dairy herd dropped by 3,300 head in 2014 to a herd count of 949,000 cows. It fell again in 2015 with the Canadian dairy cow herd dropped by 14,700 head to a mark of 934,300 cows.

Dairy replacement heifers increased by 2% on July 1, 2017, as well. A total of 454,300 dairy replacement heifers were counted.

Compared to Canada the U.S. has about 10-times as many dairy cows and dairy replacements. As of July 1, there were 9.4 million head of dairy cows and 4.2 million replacement heifers.


Source: Dairy Agenda

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