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C Cup Farm Classification Highlights

C Cup Farm had an awesome day at their recent classification round! “We pour our hearts and souls into these cattle and building pedigrees and it’s so amazing to see our hard work come together!” 

L-R Fergy 93, Figgy 88, Margarita 86, Vasaline 90, Vintage 93, Nikki 93 ©C Cup Farm

Classification Highlights

  • Webb Doon Snowboots Tequila VG 86- owned with Reed Comstock
  • Labels Out Fuzz Popsicle VG 86- bred & owned with Marc Waltemyer
  • Ccup Fizz Margarita VG 86
  • South-Mont Colton Sadie-ET VG 86- owned by Evan Westerfield
  • Mer-James Fizz Figgy Azalea VG 88-bred & owned with Jamie Crawford
  • South Mountain Cimarron Tequila VG 88-owned with Jamie Crawford

Other highlights

  • Jemi Velocity Moonshine EX 94
  • Mer-James CS Fergylicious EX 93 (max)- owned with Jamie Crawford
  • Arethusa Vintage Tequila-ET EX 93 (max)
  • Sugar & Spice MG Vasaline-ET EX 90-owned with Jamie Crawford & Cybil Fisher
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