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Brown Swiss Association has named Scholarship, Ambassador & Youth Achievement Contest Finalists

The Brown Swiss Association has named Scholarship, Ambassador & Youth Achievement Contest Finalists and Award Winners for Cheese Yield, Production, and Grant Programs! Winners of Scholarship, Ambassador and Youth Achievement Contests will be announced Wednesday, June 25 at the Youth Awards banquet. Good Luck Finalists. See you in Illinois!

2014 National Youth Grant Program

Riley Lewis of LaGrange, Ind. has been named the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association National Youth Grant Winner. Lewis will be recognized at the 2014 National Brown Swiss Convention, held in East Peoria, Ill. June 25-27.

In 2011, Lewis became involved with Brown Swiss when he purchased his first cow. Lewis’s dad and grandpa influenced his passion for the Brown Swiss breed. One of Riley Lewis’s goals is to expand his herd and return to the family farm, Lewis Century Stock Farm. His current herd includes six cows and eight heifers.

Lewis has just finished his senior year of high school and will be attending Purdue University this fall, majoring in Agricultural Economics with minors in Animal Science and Agronomy. After finishing college, Lewis plans on returning to the family farm after college and help expand the herd size to 400 Brown Swiss cattle.


Annie Achen, Warner, SD

Kimberly Merlau, Arcade, NY

Elizabeth Regusci, Modesto, CA

Grant Voelker, Perryville, MO




Christy Achen, Warner, SD

Sara Harn, Brooklyn, WI

Elise Regusci, Modesto, CA

Chelsea Skidmore, Union City, OH


Nicole Wright, Watertown, WI


Lactation from 2013

Isabella Portner is the daughter of Tom and Mary Portner, and resides on the family farm, Port Haven Dairy. The family milks 270 Brown Swiss and Crossbred cattle. She credits her grandfather for her interest in the Brown Swiss Breed. Portner feels grateful to be an active member on the family farm and in 4-H and FFA. In the future, Portner plans to own a herd of Brown Swiss cattle.Isabella’s cow, IE Port-Haven Zipper Handy ‘VG85’. Handy produced 28,220 lbs. of milk, 1,563 lbs. of fat, and 1,014 lbs. of protein in 305-day lactation. At 3 years and 4 months, Handy was classified ‘VG85’ with a ‘VG85’ mammary system.

2013 Overall Winner– Isabella Portner, Sleepy Eye, MN
IE Port-Haven Zipper Handy‘VG85, 85MS’+428.31 Yield

District Winners:

District I: Tucker True, Trulea Denver Catch Me 6281 ‘VG88’

District II: Eric Hill, Little Hill Ladysman Lauren ‘VG87’

District III: Shelby Nierman, Niermans Dynasty Vina ‘2E90’

District V: Tiona Tulachka, Lost Elm Vigor Silk ‘E90’

District VI: Dayne Voelker, Voelkers Lovery Moe ‘2E92’

District VII: Isabella Portner, IE Port-Haven Zipper Handy ‘VG85’

District IX: Cort James Rowley, Willowside Dynasty Winnie ‘E90’


Lactation from 2013

Grant Voelker is the son of Charles and Nancy Voelker and just completed his freshman year at the University of Missouri. He has been involved in Brown Swiss cattle since he was eight years old and has many responsibilities on the family farm. The Voelker family has contributed sires to A.I. including Voelkers Wndt Chilli Pepper, a bull whose daughter recently topped the Spring for Colors Sale in Elkhorn, Wis., selling for $35,000. Voelkers Padre Addison was classified ‘2E91, 92MS’ at 5 years and 11 months. In a 305-day lactation, Addison produced 32,770 pounds of milk, 1,264 pounds of fat, and 1,022 pounds of protein to make 34,443 pounds of energy corrected milk.

2013 Overall Winner:Grant Voelker, Perryville,MO
Voelkers Padre Addison ‘2E91’ 32,770

District WinnersDistrict I: Tucker True, Trulea Denver Catch Me 6281 ‘VG88’

District II: Madeline Daubert, Blessing Parker Class ‘2E91’

District III: Shelby Nierman, Niermans Nautlis Linn ‘2E90’

District V: Anastasia Dannenberg, We Sell Perfect Wrapper ‘VG88’

District VI: Grant Voelker, Voelkers Padre Addison ‘2E91’

District VII: Crystal Portner, Port-Haven Mission Kimberly ‘VG87’


Annie Achen, Warner, SD

Michael Barton, Copake Falls, NY

Sara Harn, Brooklyn, WI

Robin Muenzenberger, Coon Valley, WI

Chelsea Skidmore, Union City, OH

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