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Brown Swiss All-American results are in!

The All American Program recognizes the outstanding animals exhibited at state and national shows during the current calendar year.

Classes for the 2013 contest include Spring Heifer Calves, Winter Heifer Calves, Fall Heifer Calf, Summer Yearling Heifer, Spring Yearling Heifer, Winter Yearling Heifer, Fall Yearling Heifer, Yearling in Milk, Junior Two Year Old, Senior Two Year Old, Junior Three Year Old, Senior Three Year Old, Four Year Old, Five Year Old, Aged Cow, and Component Merit. Group classes included in the program are Junior Best Three Females, Best Three Females, and Produce of Dam.
Spring Heifer Calf
AA  Gebert Broker Pumpkin 68150599
RA  Blessing Mort Osborn S Gin ET 68150449
HM  Jo-Dee Kingpin Tuaca 68149297

Winter Heifer Calf
AA  Dublin-Hills Shaeley ET 68146077
RA  Powerline Lebron Faith ET 68147761
HM  Osborn Bros Dill 6820 71390530

Fall Heifer Calf
AA  R Hart Explorer 905 68145865
RA  VoGrin Pepper Woodsy OCS 68146988
HM  Blessing Bonanza Floris 68147348

Summer Yearling Heifer
AA  Nor-Bert MC Mint Julip ET 68147395
RA  Olsons ASP Tanbark Aspiration 68141362
HM  Glad Ray Tanbark Tease 68146595

Spring Yearling Heifer
AA  Rose Lane Jetway Damsel ET 68140798
RA  Just So T Whiplash 68140152
HM  Jo-Dee Rosco Shotski 68139539

Winter Yearling Heifer
AA  PA Lyn-Leigh Denver Topsy 69906418
RA  Schulte Bros Park Ranger ET 68142708
HM  Pit-Crew Park Tictactoe ET 68140045

Fall Yearling Heifer
AA  Forfront BNZ Tiptop 68136123
RA  Dan Maur Nomad Alexa 68137919
HM  M & M Nemo Shania 68134937

Junior Best Three
AA  Blessing  – Doris, Floris, Nicki
RA  Hartman – Texas Toast, Tic Tac, Topsy
HM  Nierman – Fantasy, Pretzel, Vita

Yearling In Milk
AA  Blessing Parker Tina 68141608
RA  Top Acres Garbro S Wishes ET 68138408
HM  Fairdale Legacy Lady Gaga 68135113

Junior 2 Year Old
AA  Fairdale Elite Debra 68130960
RA  Dan Maur Dynasty Manda 68133520
HM  Cutting Edge S Tease ET 68132601

Senior 2 Year Old
AA  Kruses Frontier Jumpy OCS 68129255
RA  Cutting Edge P Sherry 68130956
HM  Random Luck Koors On Taps 68130723

Junior 3 Year Old
AA  Twinkle-Hill PS Amberlee 66927080
RA  Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy -CanF106157091
HM  Renegade Titanium Sonya ET 68122188

Senior 3 Year Old
AA  Top Acres Supreme Wizard ET 68116090
RA  Dublin Hills Sorina 68114667
HM  Jo-Dee Nemo Risky 68116761

4 Year Old
AA  Cutting Edge B Gretchen 68112015
RA  Old Mill Wonder Sizzle ET 68113333
HM  Kruses Victor Judy 68105115

5 Year Old
AA  Frosted Sieg Wammy ET 961939
RA  Cutting Edge L Taffy 68106881
HM  Grassland Speedy 68107376

Aged Cow
AA  Jo-Dee Ensign Rosebud 952931
RA  Forest Lawn Whistler Molly 942775
HM  Topp-View Rhythm Trixy 950149

Component Merit Cow
AA  Jo-Dee Prelude Nancy ET 945562
RA  VB Hillpoint Pronto Zip ET 68102868
HM   Random Luck Vision Twyla 946516

Senior Best Three
AA  Jo-Dee – Nancy, Risky, Rosebud
RA  Elite – Gretchen, Taffy, Storm
HM  Old Mill – Grace, Love, Sizzle

Produce of Dam
AA  Top Acres (Whisper) – Wisp, Wizard
RA  Random Luck (Phoebe) – Perri, Precious
HM  Elite (Treats) – Taffy, Treasure

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