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Bringing Australia to Britain for Dairy Exploration

Holstein Young Breeders will be showcasing British farming when it welcomes an Australian exchange student this September. Holstein Australia has announced the fortunate winner of their exchange programme, Emma Algie of South Gippsland, Australia.

The youth exchange between Australia and the UK is what many members of Holstein Young Breeders (HYB) aspire to take part in, and one of Holstein UK’s biggest and best travel opportunities. Earlier in the year HYB member Andrew Patton, of Northern Ireland, was the UK’s chosen candidate to visit Australia and, after an incredible experience, it’s our chance to host, and Emma can be sure to have her sights set on a truly magnificent trip! With learning, development, practical working on-farm, skills development, networking and sight-seeing. Emma will gain first-hand knowledge of how dairy farming in the UK compares to that of Australia, taking home vital understanding to develop her own career in agriculture.

winner of the Holstein Australia exchange programme, Emma Algie of South Gippsland, Australia
Winner of the Holstein Australia exchange programme, Emma Algie of South Gippsland, Australia

David Jupp, Chief Operations Officer, Holstein Australia, said; “Holstein Australia is pleased to announce that Emma Algie is the winner of the Australia and UK exchange for 2017. Emma is understandably very excited and looking forward to the opportunity in September.”

Emma will hit the ground running by starting off with the UK’s leading dairy event, UK Dairy Day, organised by Holstein UK and CIS. With over 300 businesses and 200 cattle, practical demonstrations on calf rearing, foot trimming and linear scoring, topical seminars and industry experts, there will be no better opportunity for her to experience the full dairy supply chain all under one roof. Izzy Jones and the Whittaker family of Knowlesmere Holsteins will play host for this exciting part of the trip. Emma then hits the road for Scotland to work on farm with Logan Holsteins, where she will be preparing animals ahead of the Scotland HYB Club Calf Show on 24th September.

Emma then jumps across the water to Northern Ireland to meet HYB’s exchange winner, Andrew Patton of Ards Holsteins. From here she will spend a few days visiting farms and exploring the local area before travelling back to England on the 28th September, when she will have the chance to immerse herself in everything quintessentially British by enjoying some sight-seeing in London! After this, Emma travels to explore the beauty of the West Country, spending time with various Holstein herds before attending the Dairy Show at the Bath & West Showground. The final leg of the trip will take Emma to South Wales to visit various farms and enjoy some Welsh culture, before joining Staffordshire HYB for the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show.

Emma is a passionate and eager Holstein breeder. She currently works at Caldermeade Farm and Avonlea Holsteins in Gippsland, Victoria. She says, “I want to enhance my knowledge of dairy cattle, specifically for showing, breeding and milk production, as much as possible. I recently completed my AI and pregnancy testing tickets whilst completing a Cert IV in Agriculture and am trying to gain skills to enable me to improve my small herd of dairy cows as I love the industry and this is my future. I am very interested in the breeding of cattle and what they do in the UK to ensure peak conception rates, what they look for in their bulls and their procedures for flushing and embryo transfers.”

Miriam Bagley, Events & National HYB Coordinator for Holstein UK, concludes, “Holstein UK is very excited to welcome Emma and we have a jam-packed schedule to ensure she gains a glimpse of every facet of the dairy industry – from farms, breeding and genetics to competitive showing and networking with large dairy companies at UK Dairy Day and the Dairy Show. We have planned a trip that encompasses everything that is great about our industry, our breed and, of course, our nation!”


Provided by: Holstein UK

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