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Bright New Scores at Opsal’s-Ridge Holsteins

The crew at Opsal’s Ridge Registered Holsteins in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin hosted the classifier last Friday and report some sporty new scores throughout the herd!

Their highlight of the day was Claytoncrest Salsa-Red scoring EX-94! (Absolute x Redliner Shania EX-95) – picturedOpsal red

New Excellents:
Opsal Gold Chip Ashanti EX-90 (Gold Chip x EX Avalanche)
Opsal Aftershock Covergirl EX-90 (Aftershock x EX-94 Guthrie)
Opsal Ammo Eye Candy EX-90 (Ammo x Gold Chip Claudette EX-95)
Opsal Denver Sophina EX-90 (Denver x VG Aftershock)

Black-Tie Perfect Storm EX-90 (Delight x EX-91 Sid)


New VG 2-year-olds:
Opsal Crush Craziness VG-85 (Crush x VG Ammo x EX-95)
Opsal Ammo Contessa VG-85 (Crush x EX-94 Mogul)
Opsal Pharo Frito VG-85 (Pharo x Spectre)
Opsal Atmosphere Kesha VG-85 (Atmosphere x EX-94 Atwood)
Opsal Jordy Manhattan VG-85 (Jordy x EX Redburst)
Opsal Unix Matina VG-85 (Unix x EX-93 Windbrook)
Opsal Hypnotic Samilla VG-85 (Hypnotic x EX-92 Gold Chip)
Opsal Denver Seduction VG-87 (Denver x EX-93 Aftershock) HM Jr All American Summer Yearling 2021 owned by the Haag family
Opsal Diamondback Rihanna VG-86 (Diamondback x EX Ammo). Nominated All-American Fall Yearling 2022 & scored five days fresh
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