Brigeen Farms Has A Great Day with the Classifier

Brigeen Farms Has A Great Day with the Classifier

Brigeen Farms in Tuner, ME, had a great day with the classfier this week.
Highlights include:
Brigeen Domain Ida EX-91 2E
Brigeen Jordan Ingrid EX-92 2E
Golden Oaks M Loren VG-88 (12 days fresh!)

Continued domination by the Roxy family!
Brigeen Anaheim Regina EX-90Brigeen Gold Chip Reba EX-90
Brigeen Sid Rilla EX-93 (who just passed 125,000 lbs Lifetime)
Brigeen Doorman Rolene EX-91
Brigeen Guthrie Rue EX-90
Brigeen Solomon HSJ Rhonda VG-85 (4th dam is Convincer Rhonda EX-95)

2 Year Old Highlights:
Juniper Doorman Wish Come True VG-88 (pictured right)
Brigeen Entail 2792 VG-87 (her dam: Brigeen Enterprise Jacey 2299 also scored EX-90)
Brigeen Avalanche Evie VG-87 (daughter of Brigeen Baltimor Evie EX-93)


Past Highlights:

Brigeen Lauthority Izzy, a new EX, completes five generations of EX Inksou’s
Gil-Tex Fortune Laura, EX-91-2E
Brigeen Maestro Ida, EX-91-2E

New VG 2 Year Olds
Brigeen McCutchen Gloria, +2225 GTPI, out of 5th generaion EX Beacon Gloria, an Aftershock x Canyon-Breeze Gold Arian EX-94
MS She-Ken Gldn Breanna-Red, a granddaughter of Talent Barbara
Brigeen Supersire Gigi, now VG-87

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