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Bosdale Farms Inc., Calf Wins at Show in Brazil

Bosdale Farms Inc., has updated their website with news and a video! Solomon x Bosdale G W Luster EX-93 was sold as an embryo to Brazil and won her class at a recent show in Brazil!

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Past Updates

February 12, 2019: Bosdale Farms Inc., has updated their Facebook page with their recent classification results. Bosdale Shottle Liberty is now their highest scoring cow with a score of 96 and 96 point udder. Liberty was also nominated All-Canadian and is the anchor of their All-Canadian Breeders herd nomination.

Other results

  • 8 new 88pt 2nd calvers
  • 3 new 87pt 1st calvers
  • 10 new Excellents

September 21, 2018: On their website you will find some of the cow families that have risen to the top at Bosdale, which they currently have the pleasure of working with. They are still investing in some of the top families of the breed and are looking forward to the new opportunities these animals bring to Bosdale Farms.

May 10, 2018: Bosdale Farms Inc. is a family run farm from the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada.

Bastiaan & Sijma Bos had a dream and started up the farm in 1972. Now 46 years later the farm is now run and owned by their four sons, John, Gerald, Ed and Pete Bos alongside with their families.

They are currently milk 150 cows and have around 130 young stock, all which are purebred Holsteins. The sires they are currently using are Impression, Unix, High Octane, Kingboy, Doorman, Fever, Atwood and Seaver. When choosing their sire mating’s for their herd, they look for sires that improve their cow’s weakest points but maintain their strengths. By doing so, they are ultimately setting up success for the next generation.

Their breeding program objective is to breed high type cattle that score ME. They thrive for respectable, thriving production that continually improve along with each lactation. They focus on strong fertility and a low SCC, which are important qualities in creating a ME cow.

While breeding a show cow is not their primary objective, they have bred for extreme show type in situations that they feel would work. Overall though, the main goal is seeing improvement over the dam.

“We will rarely use a bull that does not have a daughter proof. It takes many generations to build up a good breeding cow family and too much is sacrificed by using a lower reliability bull,” says Ed.

“Although there certain situations where Genomic predictions were correct, there are also many situations in which the daughter proof was quite different from the Genomic prediction, therefor we feel it is not a trustworthy tool to implement over any significant portion of our breeding program.”

A heart of the herd winner is Bosdale Outside Portrait. Her extensive accomplishments include breeding 11 Excellent daughters, 3 at 94 points and 1 at 93 points. The Portrait family is a long established home bred cow family and the number 1 cow family that Bosdale Farms is working with. Other cow families they are currently working with are the Luster/Lydia family, which specialize in high type, showy cattle. The Shane/Tootsie family has provided many EX cows with high lifetime production. The 8th generation EX Elise family has also proven to work well within their herd. They also have worked with the world renowned Barbie family.

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