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Blondin Sires Buys into DMV GenetiQ Services

Blondin Sires has made the following announcement:

After an extremely exciting week for the daughters of our bulls in Madison, we have some HUGE news to announce!

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Blondin Sires has purchased a major share in the Quebec based A.I. stud DMV GenetiQ Services.

DMV Genetiq is the A.I. center where a large majority of our bulls are housed. With over 85 bulls now in ownership and more being added all the time, it was time to look into owning our own center.

Dr. Jonathan Lehoullier, Dr. Roxane Rémillard, Dr. Nicole Ruest and Dr. Jean Hébert have done an incredible job taking care of and collecting our Blondin bulls, it was only natural we wanted to continue this great relationship and own the stud together with DMV Genetiq.

DMV is currently expanding the housing by an additional 48 bulls which will give room for both our Blondin bulls but also the housing of custom collection bulls for 3rd party companies. In total we will be able to collect and house more than 150 bulls.
We want to thank the entire team and ownership group of DMV Genetiq for all their great work together with us and making this deal possible. We are truly excited for our future together!

The Art of Breeding continues to grow!


Source: Blondin Sires

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