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Big Things are Happening at Lone Pine Jerseys

LonePiNEBig things are coming from Lone Pine Jerseys in Alberta, Canada! Not only did they have a superb September classification round, they recently had a Grand & Reserve Grand Champion win at the Westerner Dairy Showcase and have opened up their on-farm creamery providing milk, chocolate milk and cheese curds from their extraordinary Jersey herd!

Stats on the farm now include 42 Multiple Excellents, 23 Excellents, 70 Very Goods and 18 Good Plus! Average scoring on their 1st lactation cows is VG 86.4 with an overall herd average of 88.2!

Classification Highlights 
1st lactation

  • Lone Pine Video Dazzler VG 87
  • Lone Pine Matt Boujee VG 86 – now owned by Bridon Farms
  • Lone Pine Video Taryn VG 86
  • Lone Pine Matt Florina VG 86
  • Lone Pine Jordan Spitz VG 85
  • Lone Pine Video Blu Ray VG 85 now owned by Zimmer Holsteins
  • Lone Pine Video Alaska VG 85
  • Lone Pine Grandious Legendairy VG 85

2nd Lactation

  • Lone Pine Touchdown Armani VG 88
  • Lone Pine Touchdown Whodat VG 87
  • Lone Pine Touchdown Jadie VG 87 now owned by Zimmer Holsteins

New Excellents

  • Lone Pine Victorious Liquorice EX 92
  • Lone Pine Venom Gloria EX 92
  • Lone Pine Casino Lacey EX 91

Multiple E’s & added points

  • Lone Pine Joel Sweet Dreams EX 94 2E
  • Lone Pine Barnabas Belamie EX 92 2E
  • Lone Pine Velocity Fun EX 91 2E
  • Lone Pine Voltage Bobby EX 94 3E
  • Lone Pine Joel Twist EX 94 3E
  • Lone Pine Grandious Thunder EX 95 3E
  • Lone Pine Habit Satin EX 92 4E
  • Lone Pine Valentino Sugar Ex 90 5E
  • Lone Pine Cavalia Lookout EX 96 5E
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