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Big Scores at Fermé Mercury Classification Round

©Fermé Mercury

A breeding program that entails passion and pride is paying off for the team at Fermé Mercury in Quebec, Canada. Their herd now consists of 29 Excellent, 51 Very Good and 10 Good Plus!

Classification Highlights

  • Edene SIDEKICK VG-87 2yr MAX
  • Morjana SEABISCUIT VG-86 1yr
  • Maroon Sidekick VG-86 2yr
  • Marina MASTER VG-86 1yr
  • Vania FIRECRACKER VG-85 2yr
  • Erminia SIDEKICK VG-85 2yr
  • Evely DOORMAN VG-85 2yr
  • Becky ALLIGATOR VG-85 1yr
  • Cindy SIDEKICK VG-85 2yr
  • Cybellia IMPRESSION VG-88
  • Chelsee UNDENIED -VG-88
  • Liberty SOLOMON VG-88
  • Charly DOORMAN VG-88
  • Eclipse EXTREME VG-88
  • Marquise LIVING VG-88
  • Hariana DEMPSEY VG-87
  • Amandor DOORMAN EX-90
  • Beverley VOGUE EX-90
  • Brithany AFTERSHOCK EX-92 4E
  • Lamadona AFTERSHOCK EX-90 3E
  • Fantastique DOORMAN EX-90 4E
  • Iliana WINDBROOK EX-91 2E
  • Anaconda SANCHEZ EX-90 2E
  • Spottie WINDBROOK EX-90 6E
  • Jeanne RHAPSODY EX-90 6E
  • Hadriana CONTROL EX-90 2E
  • Hawai KRUSADER EX-90 3E
  • Eclissia DEMPSEY EX-90 2E
  • Expo ATWOOD EX-90 3E
  • Lidia DURBIN EX-90 5E
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