Big Results at Crackholm - Cowsmo

Big Results at Crackholm

An extraordinary classification round for Crackholm and their 50 cow herd! Congratulations!


Classification Highlights

  • EX-93 94MS 4yr ‘Heineken’ owned with Steven Morin
  • EX-93 3E 94MS ‘Rubicon’
  • EX-92 4yr ‘Reason’
  • EX-92 4yr ‘Rockstar’
  • EX-91 4yr ‘Capone’
  • EX-91 Senior 3-year-old ‘Alligator’
  • VG-89 Senior 3-year-old ‘Sidekick’ owned with Brandon Maither
  • VG-88 Junior 3-year-old ‘Crushable’
  • VG-88 Junior 3-year-old ‘Delta’
  • VG-88 Senior 3-year-old ‘Frazzle’
  • VG-87 Summer Junior 2-year-old ‘Tollway’
  • VG-87 Senior 2-year-old ‘Embellish’ owned with Ferme Fipierre
  • VG-87 Jersey Senior 2-year-old ‘Lemonhead’ owned with Steven Morin
  • VG-86 Junior 2-year-old ‘Diesel’
  • VG-86 Summer Junior 2-year-old ‘Hashtag’
  • VG-86 Summer Junior 2-year-old ‘Hashtag’
  • VG-85 Milking Yearling ‘Bluff’
  • VG-85 2yr ‘Delta Lambda’
  • VG-85 Senior 2-year-old ‘Esaiku’
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