Big Results at Arizona Dairy Company's Classification Day

Big Results at Arizona Dairy Company’s Classification Day

The future is looking very bright for Arizona Dairy Company!  Their most recent classification saw 15 Excellent, 1 EX-94, 3 EX-91 and 37 VG 2-year-olds.

Canyon-Breeze U Arlette EX-94

Notable Individual Classification Highlights

Canyon-Breeze U Arlette-NOW EX-94 

  • Grand Champion Western Spring National Jr Show
  • 2nd Production Cow and pulled out for Senior Champion Western Spring National

Our-Favorite B Tempting-ET VG-88 @ 2-11

  • Delight x 88 Hangtime x Atwood Unlimited EX-94
  • 3.44 PTAT


  • Golden-Oaks Byway Dot EX-91
  • Golden-Oaks Doorman Lynsey EX-91
  • AZDCO 10000 EX-91
  • Canyon-Breeze Crush Fritzie EX-90 @ 3-06 2nd Lactation
  • View-Home Beemer Dorothy-ET EX-90 @ 3-11 2nd Lactation
  • Raspberry Doc 53148-ET VG-87 @ 2-05
  • Raspberry Doc 962-ET VG-86 @ 2-00
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