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Bert-Mar Farms Classification Highlights

 15” of snow on Monday didn’t keep the classifier away from Bert-Mar Farms in Osseo, Wisconsin, and at the end of it all, everyone was happy the scoring session wasn’t canceled for a snow day – check out these highlights! Congratulations to Allan & Erica Lundberg and the whole team at Bert-Mar!

1st lactation
*Bert-Mar Avalanche Jemma-ET VG-88 (Avalanche x Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica EX-96)
* Bert-Mar Awesome Jana-Red-ET PO VG-87
*Bert-Mar Awesome Jewel-Red-ET PO VG-87
*Liddleholme Lia-Red-ET VG-87 (Unstoppable x Liddleholme Resur Lu EX-97)
*Lowe Creek Spit Fire VG-87 (Crushabull owned by Ryan Nordahl)
*Bert-Mar McApple Ohana VG-87
*Bert-Mar Avatar Amiah-Red VG-87 (Avatar x Jordy x Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94)
2nd lactation 
* Bert-Mar Alexandra-Red-ET EX-91 (Altitude x EX-90 Avalanche x Atlanta)
*Bert-Mar Amara-Red EX-90 (Unstopabull x Doorman x Luck-E Advent Asia EX-94)
*Bert-Mar Warrior Adora-Red EX-90 (Warrior x Solomon x Atlanta EX-94)
*Bert-Mar Amarillo-Red EX-90 (Altitude x Splendid P x Apoll x Atlanta)
3rd lactation
*Our-Favorite Fearless EX-93

*Bert-Mar Crush Oopsy EX-91
*Luck-E Doc Blssing EX-91
*Bert-Mar Astrila-Red-ET EX-90 (Jordy x Asia)
4th lactation
*Bert-Mar Diamond Ash-ET EX-93 (Diamondback x Atlanta)
*Luck-E Ammo Acacia EX-92 2E (Ammo x Powerball x Atlanta)
6th lactation 
Bert-Mar McGucci Diva EX-92
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