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Benbie Holsteins Highlights their Recent Classification Round

Benbie Holsteins, SK was more then happy to share the positive and exciting scores from their recent classification round! Congratulations! 

Classification Highlights

Benbie Sidekick Pippa VG 86 2YR

  • From the P family, she’s +15 Conformation and as Logan Chalack used to say “I like the way you’re put together” Pippa has a bull and a heifer by Bridgestone that PA 3250 GLPI and 14 conformation. Hopefully we get an early Christmas present with their Geno test!

B Emilio Connie VG 86 2YR

  • From the Crusade family, she has a bright future!

B Undenied Peighton VG 85 1YR

  • All Western Intermediate Calf 2019, very fresh but quite promising

B Pharo Zaida VG 85 2YR

  • The Zeus family continues to make extremely profitable cows. We’ve been really impressed with the production and udder quality of our Sandy Valley Pharo daughters.

B Doc Mindy VG 85 2YR

  • Dam of MARLA Eric Crosbie Annissa Foster

B Capture Carley VG 85 2YR

  • From the Crusade family

B AltaUndado Daya VG 89 3YR MAX*

  • Daya was recently 3rd Sr 2 at Red Deer after being All Western Milking YR 2019

B LMF Phoebe VG 88 3YR

  • The last daughter of Pasian VG 87 6* who is the Matriarch of our Pala family

B Silver Selena VG 88 3YR

  • Silver is one of my favourite bulls. Very underrated. These cows milk!

B High Octane Ciara EX 93 4YR

  • 2X class winner at Red Deer this cow continues to get better. Her son Benbie Chrome has been used on the farm. He is a Dropkick son with 3250 GLPI, 15 conformation (with a balanced linear), 800 Kg Milk, 60 KG fat. We plan to draw some semen from Chrome before selling him to Grassy Hill Colony.
  • Ciara is being flushed to Ashby next week

B Doorman Pisces EX 93 5YR

  • Dam of Pippa, she was 3rd 5YR at Red Deer after being Res All Western in 2019
  • Pisces is being flushed to Chief this week

Donfield Aftershock Rosie EX 92 2E

  • Her Seabiscuit daughter has us excited for 2021!
  • Rosie is being flushed this week to Chief

B Megawatt Bethany EX 90

B Lauthority Mandy EX 90

Bradner Clooney Georgina EX 90

  • ’George Clooney’ is a Grand Daughter of Penlow Outside Georgette EX 96 and has an exciting Senior calf for 2021 by Walnutlawn Bridgestone
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