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Beaconhill Holsteins Classification Highlights

Beaconhill Holsteins in the UK had an outstanding classification round this week! 

Dulais Doorman Rae 2 as a 2-year-old now EX-92 4-year-old. ©Beaconhill Holstein

Classification Highlights

  • 8 VG Heifers
  • 11 VG 3yr Olds
  • 5 VG cows
  • 9 New EX
  • 8 Multipe EX

Beaconhill Fitz Harriet VG87
Beaconhill Mogul Zwollenaar VG86
Beaconhill High Octane Linda VG86
Beaconhill Lineman Zwollenaar VG86
Beaconhill Galahad Hazel VG85
Peridot Callen Erle VG85
Beaconhill Lineman Rae VG85
Beaconhill Bomba Kelly VG85

Beaconhill Doorman Marie VG88
Peridot Solomon Joy VG88
Beaconhill Kingpin Iceberg VG88
Beaconhill Fitz Paris VG88
Beaconhill Payton VG88
Hayvally 1st Grade Dreamworld VG88
Beaconhill Snowy Felix VG87
Beaconhill Bankroll Zwollenaar VG87
Beaconhill Solomon Marie VG87

Dulais Doorman Rae 2 EX92
Peridot Mogul Savoire Fare EX91
Beaconhill Goodwhone Rosie EX90
Beaconhill Fry Zwollenaar EX90
Beaconhill Fitz Corrie EX90
Beaconhill Grafeeti Tulip EX90
Beaconhill Fitz Hazel EX90
Beaconhill Goodwhone Foxy EX90

Beaconhill Bryant Tulip EX93 2E (4th)
Beaconhill Allie Empress EX92 3E (7th)
Beaconhill Talent Els Red EX92 4E (8th)
Yardgrove Seagual Regina EX92 3E (5th)
Beaconhill Trump Jackie EX91 3E (6th)

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