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Be Safe and Be Seen

Be seen and be safe. Spring is here, and Alberta farmers and ranchers are back in the fields.  This means there will be an increase in slow-moving equipment on rural roads, which can create a hazard for farm equipment operators and motorists.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Remember to share the road and be patient. Be aware of slow-moving farm machinery. The typical speed of a piece of farm machinery is 30-40 km/hour. You need to slow down to react!

Let’s keep everyone safe.   We’re In It For Life!

For more safety tips, articles, images, and our Agriculture 101 Media Kit, visit Agriculture for Life.

About Agriculture for Life’s Farm Safety Programs
To help keep farm families safe, Ag for Life supports and delivers several farm safety programs across the province including our Rural and Farm Safety days for elementary students, Young Farm Workers Safety Days for Jr/Sr High school students, Ladies Farm Safety Evenings, and Rural and Farm First Aid program.  In addition, Ag for Life also supports several community programs including the Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities and numerous community safety days.  Last year Ag for Life’s education programs reached over 150,000 children, youth, and their families.



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