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Barbie Family Are Top for Type

The Barbie family is out in force in the latest sire indexes issued by Holstein UK, with Regancrest-PR Barbie being the grand dam of the top three bulls and great grand dam to Gold Chip, who has himself moved from the top spot to position seven. 

The American Butz-Butler Atwood Brady tops the UK and International proven list after climbing up four places to reach a Type Merit (TM) of +4.32. An Atwood x EX92 Shottle x EX92 Durham, Brady sired the 2014 All Breeds All Britain Calf Show Reserve Champion, Carhall Brady Elizabeth 4.


The Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez son from the Barbie family, Regancrest-GV S Bradnick, stays stable at position two is this proof run with an increased TM of +4.3 while another descendant of the Barbie’s makes himself known; graduating from a genomic sire to sit at number three of the proven chart is Mr Atwood Brokaw (Atwood  x VG87 Mac x EX92 Durham) with a TM of +4.15. Brokaw’s daughters have excellent locomotion (+3.1), mammary systems (3.53), legs and feet (+3.45) and long teats (+1.99).


After being a number one genomic sire in the USA for a considerable amount of time, Mountfield SSI DCY Mogul appears in the UK and International proven list with a TM of +4.02 (PLI of £452). The Coyne-Farms Dorcy son breeds daughters with terrific mammary systems (+3.64) and wide chests (+1.37).


Another previous number one American genomic bull who makes an appearance in this list is Amighetti Numero Uno. With his 60 USA and Canadian classified daughters making up his Type index, Numero Uno slots in at number 10 with a TM of +3.85.

UK Bred Proven

An unwavering UK bred list sees Heavenly Golden Dreams still reigning top position with a TM of +4.09. The December run sees Willsbro Ash (TM +3.17) sitting at number three. A Shottle x EX90 Goldwyn x EX90 Durham, his Type proof is made up by his 83 classified Canadian daughters. His daughters have excellent feet and legs (+3.33) and super fore udder attachments (+2.98).

Genomic Sires
Coming in as a new sire in the December index run and topping the Young Genomic chart is Canadian Walnut Solomon (Doorman x Lavanguard x Brilea FBI). With his sire, Val-Bisson Doorman, also appearing in the same list, Solomon has a TM score of +4.6. This sky-high figure stems from his ability to transmit daughters with open ribs (+2.15), wide rumps (+2.8) and excellent legs and feet (+2.96) as well as having exceptional mammary systems (+4.37).

Another new, and UK bred, young genomic sire, Denmire Mesdoor, also comes out high in this index run with TM +4.51 (PLI of £504). Also being a Val-Bisson Doorman son out of the noted Marie family, Mesdoor transmits daughters with fantastic udders (+3.98) that possess height (+3.43) and snug fore udder attachments (+3.57).

 “It is encouraging to see that the top 20 young genomic sires that are available in the UK have an average lifespan score of +0.32 and an average fertility index of +2.85,” added Michael Parkinson, Head of Breed Development/Classification and Membership Services.


He continued: “When we compare this to the list of bulls proven in the UK, they have an average lifespan of +0.25 and fertility index +2.01, which shows that UK genetics are on track.


“With bulls reaching over four for Type Merit, we await with anticipation for the next proof run in April which will include a base change on its five-year cycle.”

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