Ayrshire Ontario AGM 2014 – Cowsmo

Ayrshire Ontario AGM 2014

The Ayrshire Ontario AGM was held on March 27th, in Cornwall. Many breeders of the province came to share their thoughts about the future of the breed and about their Association. 
With the loss of their great secretary only a month ago, everyone pulled together and did a great job running a smooth AGM.

A presentation was given during the meeting about the importance of water, water quality and how it affects the cow.  After lunch, Ayrshire Ontario asked Eastgen’s Chantal Charest to lead a round table to hear the comments and feeling about the Ayrshire breeder.
Three main questions where asked to the people in the room:
‘’Where do you see your Ayrshire cows in 10-15 years’’
‘’Where do you see your association in the same period of time’’ and
‘’How to work with industry partners’’.
This round table brought some ideas and comments and offered a great opportunity to learn what the Ayrshire breeders of Ontario expect from the Association.

The evening was a time to congratulate the All-Ontario winners and Production winners also.  Following the presentations the audience was entertained by a Magician performance.  Unfortunately, the Leeds-Lanark Ayrshire Club decided discontinue being a club and Ron Visser, from this club, closed their accounts and gave $2000 to Ayrshire Ontario, and $4000 to the Ayrshire Ontario Memorial Fund.
Finally, a nice picture frame was given to Dave Bergeron, who was the Ayrshire Ontario field-man for the past 17 years.

A nice job was done by everyone from Ayrshire Ontario and a special thank-you goes out to President Bernard Daoust, an outstanding leader to the Breed Association.

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