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Authentic and Dynamic New Campaign from DFC Helping to Build Consumer Trust

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) launched on June 21st a dynamic new marketing campaign focusing on the rigorous standards behind our nation’s high-quality milk. Dairy Farming Forward – High Standards highlights the progressive practices Canadian farmers use to maintain animal welfare, food safety and sustainability, integral areas of this forward-facing industry.

The Dairy Farming Forward – High Standards creative platform demonstrates that Canada’s dairy farmers are committed to constant innovation and high standards. Canadian dairy farmers proudly meet some of the most highest dairy quality standards in the world, including 42 requirements on food safety and close attention to animal health – in Canada, every cow is monitored every day.

“Canadian dairy farmers have always been innovative in their approach to excellence,” says Pierre Lampron, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “Meeting some of the most stringent standards in the world, 100% Canadian milk achieves its high quality through a big-picture approach that includes caring for animals and the environment.”

Today’s consumers want to know that the industries they support share their values – it’s a matter of trust. The Blue Cow logo assures them of this; high standards form the backbone of the program that guarantees dairy products featuring the Blue Cow are made from 100% Canadian milk. It is Canada’s high standards that set its dairy apart, and it’s why consumers are proud to support local producers and processors.

“This campaign takes a multi-faceted approach that speaks directly to the quality of Canadian milk, cow health and environmental concerns,” says Pamela Nalewajek, vice-president of marketing for Dairy Farmers of Canada. “We are driving home the fact that consumers can trust the Blue Cow logo because Canadian dairy farmers care about the same things they do.”

The six-week-long, bilingual campaign kicks off June 21, with television, radio, social and digital components (featuring online video, influencers, web and audio) running through August 2 nationwide. This includes a Canada Day TV media partnership scheduled July 1 on CBC and Radio-Canada.

The lead creative agency on this campaign was ­­DDB Canada with media buying by Initiative.

To view the campaign, click here.

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is the national policy, lobbying and promotional organization representing Canadian dairy producers. DFC strives to create stable conditions for the dairy sector in our country. It also seeks to maintain policies that promote the sustainability of Canadian dairy production and promote dairy products and their health benefits.

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