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Australia’s International Dairy Week Getting Ready for 2022 and Beyond

Brian Leslie, Director of Australia’s International Dairy Week wishes to announce an exciting change to the management of IDW effective immediately.

After 30 years at the helm, Brian and his team are handing the management reins and control of this wonderful event to Declan Patten and Bradley Cullen.

I am extremely proud of International Dairy Week and the showcase event it has become. Australia’s IDW has become one of the top five dairy cattle showcase events in the world.

Declan said ‘We certainly have enormous shoes to fill but are excited to put our own spin on this iconic event. Brian and his team have established IDW as a world-renowned event with a phenomenal reputation for excellence and we thank them for passing on this iconic event to us.’

Declan and Bradley bring years of experience managing events with innovation and creativity. The time is right to make this change says Brian. ‘I am thrilled to pass the baton onto younger people with a great passion for Australian dairy cattle’ he said.

There are so many amazing people to thank for helping myself and my team produce such an exciting event; many of whom volunteer their time and contributions. Thank you to all our exhibitors from across Australia, sponsors and spectators who have all contributed in making IDW the incredible event it is for the past 30 years.

The Dairy Livestock Services team will continue to be involved in the event managing the auction sales and as sponsors of the event.
I have many wonderful memories and look forward to seeing the new directions that IDW will take. I look forward to catching up with our exhibitors, sponsors and suppliers in January 2022.

For further information contact:
Brian Leslie – 0418 365 934
Declan Patten – 0499 949 292
Bradley Cullen – 0423 530 487

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