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Australian Dairy Suppliers see 22% drop in Milk consumption

Milk intake at Australia’s biggest dairy supplier have dropped by a staggering 22 per cent in one year.

Milkinfridge_1cowsmo2017Murray Goulburn, who produce brands including Devondale and Liddell, announced a 22 per cent drop in milk consumption in the last financial year.

The dairy producers revealed on Tuesday milk intake had dropped to 2.7 billion litres and is expected to drop even lower.

The milk giant said they had experienced a difficult year because of the lower milk intake and adverse seasonal conditions, reported ABC News.

West Victoria dairy farmer Craig Dettling told Daily Mail Australia milk intake was not predicted to increase in the financial year.

‘We’re expecting the intake to drop again this year, but what really affects us is what they do with the milk they get and the milk products,’ Mr Dettling said.

‘In milk volume intake, it’s what they do with milk and how much they return rather than who has the biggest factory.’

The drop in milk intake comes despite consumers turning their backs on no-named milk in support of branded milk to support Australian farmers.

Thousands of shoppers posted photos of supermarket shelves full of supermarket branded milk with branded milk sold out mid 2016.

Mr Dettling, who has 220 dairy cows, said the supermarket branded milk boycott gave dairy farmers ‘confidence knowing [they] had the support of customers’ because every little bit helps support the dairy industry.

The milk crisis took place after it was revealed the supermarket giant’s $1/L milk war could potentially bring down the dairy industry.

Last year, Coles and Woolworths supermarkets collectively sold out of branded milk due to the high demand, however, the milk boycott did not increased the milk consumption of Murray Goulburn during the 2016-17 financial year.

Murray Goulburn financial report states the group lost $370.8 million and had a $39.8 million profit.

The drop in milk consumption means Australia’s biggest diary producer is predicted to sit equally with New Zealand competitors Fonterra.
Source: Daily Mail UK




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