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August New Release “Rok” Leads a Stacked Line-Up of Health Trait Sires

Accelerated Genetics’ lineup is filled with many health trait bulls that sire healthy, profitable cows. Led by August New Release 014HO06301 ROK, the line-up is stacked with a group of health and fitness specialists.

014HO06301 ROKburst onto the proven scene as a bull who combines high components with super health traits as he is among Accelerated Genetics’ best for productive life (+5.6) and daughter pregnancy rate (+2.8). He boasts high Net Merit and is a high TPI sire. Additionally, ROK brings an increase in components especially in fat percentage (+.10%) and high Cheese Merit (+686). He tests negative for all Haplotypes and genetic recessive traits.

ROK hails from a family that has produced high health trait PACE bulls already. He is from the same maternal line as Accelerated Genetics’ lineup favorite, 014HO04916 JAKE. ROK is Accelerated Genetics’ first Jeeves son. He hails from the respected Lot-O-Rok herd and is a son of Lot-O-Rok Goldwyn Alanis-ET EX-91. She was an extreme components cow as she produced an impressive 34,650M 4.4%, 1,529F 3.7%, and 1,275P.

“Look for ROK daughters to have a strong fore udder attachment blending smooth into the body wall with a high, wide, rear udder to match,” Ben Sarbacker, Genetic Services Coordinator commented. “He will straighten the leg slightly and add some slope to the pin bones. ROK consistently transmits trouble-free cows with great mobility, longevity and positive udder traits.”

Also making their way into the proven scene as powerful health trait sires are New Releases 014HO06239 PLUTO and 014HO06263 KODY. PLUTO comes onto the scene as a great transmitter of extremely high Cheese Merit (+569), low sire calving ease (5.5%), and quality udders (+1.30 UDC). KODY enters the line-up with desirable Sire Calving Ease (6.5%), high Net Merit $ (+549), and pleasing health traits.

Another shining example of a true health trait specialist is 014HO06107 KIEFFER. He excels in productive life (+4.2 PL), somatic cells score (2.56 SCS) and daughter pregnancy rate (+0.8 DPR). In addition KIEFFER is solid in production data and offers a different source of genetics with a pedigree of Colby X Bret.

014HO05962 ROYCE, 014HO06033 MASSIVE, 014HO06018 HAZLENUT and 014HO06133 DENALI are examples of a group of bulls that pass on quality health traits while also siring eye-pleasing daughters. ROYCE, a Baxter from an Ito dam, combines positive health traits and great type (+2.09) while maintaining high production (+1171 Milk, +55 Fat). MASSIVE sires breed-leading longevity at +6.4 PL while also transmitting high fat (+51) and great feet and legs (+2.12). Exceptional components and positive health traits with great type make HAZELNUT a great bull to use to improve many areas at once. DENALI brings a well-known cow family to the table as well as great ratings for type (+2.37) and SCS (2.75).

Four bulls in the Accelerated Genetics line-up sire great health traits while making more moderate framed cows. 014HO05954 DOUGLAS combines these qualities with an exceptional sire calving ease rating (5.9%). 014HO06074 DRYDEN sires great feet and legs (+1.97 FLC) as well as udders (1.46 UDC) and is a great fat improver (+.15%). His pedigree of Nifty X Outside offers many opportunities to use on today’s popular bloodlines. 014HO06056 RAMBLE also offers an outcross chance being a Ramos X Lookout and he sires exceptionally high fat test (+.16%) as well as very correct feet and legs (+1.25 FLC). 014HO06173 VERNAL offers breed leading DPR values (+2.4) transmitting high milk production (+1356).



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