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August 2021 – Holstein Canada Genetic Evaluations

It’s an amazing accomplishment for any newly proven sire to become the new breed leader for both LPI and Pro$ but its even more incredible when a daughter does exactly the same on the top lists for GLPI and Pro$ cows.

“Alcove” and His Daughter Both Make Their Incredible Debut at #1 for LPI and Pro$
Westcoast Alcove achieves this outstanding debut as he takes #1 position for LPI, Pro$ and Fat, while also reaching #3 Protein and double‐digit Conformation. This son of Duke (#18 Pro$, tied #40 LPI, #6 Milk, #5 Fat, #1 Protein) out of Gold‐N‐Oaks MVP Aria 2815‐ET is maternal brother to Ardor (#31 LPI, #78 Pro$, by Draftpick), Athabaska (newly proven son of Euclid arriving at #36 LPI and #63 Pro$) and Praser (#33 on the MACE LPI list, by Penmanship). In addition to Alcove, there are four other proven sires that penetrate the Top 10 list for both national indexes. These include the maternal brother pair out of Woodcrest Def Manhattan‐ET, namely Progenesis Montfort (by AltaHotrod) at #2 Pro$ and #7 LPI (#3 Fat, tied #8 Protein) as well as Progenesis Seducer (by Supershot) at #5 Pro$ and #6 LPI. Boldi V Gymnast (Doorsopen x Jabir) continues to climb the Top 10 list for both indexes and now occupies #3 LPI and #6 Pro$ positions. EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust) also holds on to his Top 10 status for both indexes, now at #7 Pro$ and #9 LPI (#8 Fat).

On the Top 10 LPI list, Stantons Alligator, by Kingboy, climbs one notch to take the #2 position behind Alcove (#46 Pro$, tied #3 Conformation) and still has six maternal brothers among the Top 100 for LPI (dam is Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree). The former breed leader, Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno), slips to #4 LPI spot (#23 Pro$, tied #3 Conformation) and is still followed by Melarry Fuel‐ET (Duke x Kingboy), now at #5 LPI (#14 Pro$). Two newly proven sires this round complete the Top 10 LPI list as Progenesis Positive (Duke son out of Synergy Rubicon Perfect‐ET ) grabs #8 for LPI (#12 Pro$, #4 Fat) and No‐Fla Capital 45499‐ET arrives at #10 LPI (#69 Pro$), making him the highest for LPI among the first three sons of De‐Su Ferdinand 12489‐ET now proven in Canada. For the Top 10 Pro$ list, S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ET (Silver x Multiply) makes another significant jump from #10 to #3 Pro$ (#11 LPI), now landing ahead of Peak Hotline‐ET (AltaHotrod x Mogul) who settles into #4 Pro$ position (#17 LPI, #7 Fat). The final three placings
on the Top 10 Pro$ list this round are held by Progenesis Wizard at #8 (tied #75 LPI, #9 Milk, son of Hotshot and maternal brother to Montfort and Seducer), S‐S‐I Kingpin Phantom‐ET (Kingpin x Supersire) at #9 (#16 LPI) and De‐Su Altme Jarvis 13598‐ET at #10 Pro$ (tied #18 LPI, Alltime x Montross).

Another group of 85 genomic young bulls born since 2015 obtain proven status in Canada this round. Of these, in addition to those sires previously mentioned, two achieve Top 35 status for both national indexes. The highest of these is S‐S‐I Ferdinand BigHit P‐ET*POC (dam is S‐S‐I Erasr Maci 10932‐P‐ET*POC) at #21 LPI and #25 Pro$, making him the highest polled sire for both indexes among those proven in Canada. The second newcomer this round that ranks well for both indexes is Peak AltaColumbia‐ET (AltaMoreno x Racer) at #24 LPI and #32 Pro$. A newly proven sire that just misses the Top 10 Pro$ list is Bomaz AltaTopShot‐ET, who is a Supershot son out of Bomaz Frido 6185 that makes his debut at #11 Pro$ (#60 LPI, tied #8 Protein). This round also welcomes two genetically identical brothers, both with daughters in Canada, that achieve official proven status. Carrying the red factor, Lesperron Santorius*RDC and Lesperron Successor*RDC together take #29 Pro$ (#81 LPI) and are Jedi sons out of Lesperron Kingboy Santana. Two other newcomers this round achieve Top 35 Pro$ status, namely ABS Achiever‐ET (Yoder son out of Compass‐TRT AMRC AE J925‐ET, by AltaEmbassy) at #33 Pro$ (tied #75 LPI, #6 Fat) and AOT Silver Helix‐ET (Silver son out of Cookiecutter SSire Has‐ET, by Supersire) at #35 Pro$ (#103 LPI, #9 Fat).

Two other sires receive their first official progeny proof in Canada and become new breed leaders this round. One of these is Wilt Enzo, who is a French‐born bull with an international pedigree that makes his debut tied at #1 Conformation with +17. This son of Toc‐Farm Fitz ET, who was born in Italy, is out of Etna in France, who is a daughter of the US sire, McCutchen. Ste Odile Odyssey, who is a Duke son out of Ste Odile Supershot Electra, achieves official proven status for production and grabs the #1 spot for Milk (tied #6 Protein).

“Alcove” Daughter Leads “Stantons” Trio at the Top for Both GLPI and Pro$

As Westcoast Alcove becomes officially proven in Canada this round and grabs the #1 position for both LPI and Pro$, the influence of his elite daughters is also felt on the Top 10 cow lists. In fact, Stantons Alcove Emotion (dam is Stantons Silver Emoticon‐ET) is the highest newly indexed cow this round and she also grabs #1 for both GLPI and Pro$ (#4 Fat). She is joined by two herd mates as the breed leading trio, including Stantons BigHit Melody*POR at #2 GLPI and #3 Pro$ (dam is Stantons Very Mountain‐ET), which makes her the highest polled cow for both indexes, and Stantons Alcove Admit (dam is Stantons Fortune Fifty) at #3 GLPI and #2 Pro$. Two other newly
indexed Alcove daughters achieve Top 10 status for at least one national index. These include Stantons Alcove Atlas (dam is Stantons E Meeting‐ET), who makes her debut tied at #4 GLPI (#23 Pro$), and Westcoast Alcove Loyal 8347 (dam is Westcoast Eugenio Loyal 5320) at #6 GLPI and #9 Pro$. The second highest newly indexed cow for Pro$ this round is Silverridge V Marius Eviction, who arrives at #7 Pro$ (tied #65 GLPI, #3 Protein, dam is Silverridge V Duke Email). Two additional cows manage to achieve Top 10 status for both indexes, namely Stantons Positive Merci, who is tied at #4 GLPI and takes #10 Pro$ spot (dam is Stantons Alligator Merci), and Lindenright Adagio Sunwing at #6 Pro$ and #10 GLPI (dam is Lindenright Jedi Saviour P*POC).

The list of Top 10 GLPI cows this round is completed by Lindenright Lambda Mocha, who was the former breed leader but is forced down the list to #7 GLPI position (#44 Pro$), Benner Eugenio Jaymie at #8 GLPI (#11 Pro$), and Benner Salvatore Jamocha at #9 GLPI (#12 Pro$). On the Pro$ side, the Top 10 list this round is completed by Midas‐Touch Hot Holy‐ET at #4 Pro$ (tied #14 GLPI, tied #6 Fat), Morningview Duke Zip at #5 Pro$ (#12 GLPI, #1 Fat), and Progenesis Guarant Millions, who slips from #1 to #8 Pro$ (tied #65 GLPI).

This August release also welcomes four newly indexed cows with their first official GLPI that all join an elite group tied at #1 for Conformation with +16. These include Wisselview Lambda Delight, Wedgwood Sidekick Penny, Roannette Sidekick Dina and Trefle Rosalie Sidekick.

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