Arethusa Classification Results

Arethusa Classification Results

Arethusa Farm of Litchfield, CT recently hosted the Jersey classifier for a great classification day, featuring several new maximum lactation score cows.
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Highlights from the May 2017 classification included:
Avonlea Gator Kimber EX94 max
Arethusa HG Victoria EX93 max
Arethusa Ringmstr Corinne EX93 max
Arethusa Comerica Veda EX92
Maple Croft Tequila Violet EX92, owned by Coutu
Arethusa HG Svana EX91 max
Arethusa Impression Sunshine EX 91 max
Arethusa Imp Villeneuve EX91 max
Arethusa Impression Juno EX91 max, owned by Coutu & Miller
Arethusa Vespera EX91 max
Arethusa HG Verity EX90
Arethusa Excitation Vanessa EX90
Maple Croft Tequila Vixen VG89 2Y max, owned by Coutu
Arethusa Tequila Express VG88 2Y
Sterling’s Premier Style VG87 2Y, owned by the Sterling Sydicate
Arethusa Excitement Erica VG86 2Y
Arethusa Excitement Viper VG86 2Y

Results from their August 2016 Classification:

High Scoring Individuals
Page-Crest Excitation Karlie EX95 (max score)
Arethusa Vixens Presto EX94 (max score)
Arethusa Tequila Vanna EX93 (max score)
Knappway BRC Bang A Gong EX93 (max score)
Avonlea Gator Kimber EX93 (max score)

Excellent Three Year Olds
Payneside Mac N Cheese EX91 (max score)
Arethusa Mini Vee EX91 (max score)
Arethusa Ringmaster Corinne EX91 (max score)
Elliotts Sterling Impression EX90
Maplecroft Tequila Violet EX90
Arethusa HG Valley EX90

Very Good Two Year Olds
Arethusa Impression Sunshine VG89
Arethusa Vespera VG89
Arethusa Impression Villenueve – VG88
Arethusa HG Svana VG88
Arethusa Impression Solaris VG87
Arethusa Reford Pricilla VG87
Karlies Response Keatin VG87
Arethusa Scout Lila VG86
Arethusa Impression Veramonte VG86
Arethusa Excitation Vanessa VG85
Karlies Giller Kesha VG85
Arethusa Impression Juno VG85

High Scoring Individuals
Arethusa Sanchez Viona EX94
Ernest-Anthony Accolade EX94
Crovalley Knowledge Akika EX94
Arethusa Ambition Daisy EX92
Ms Tri Dee Atwood Tara EX92
Crovalley Gold Rapcity EX90

Excellent Three Year Olds
Arethusa Goldsun Abby EX91
Arethusa Sid Anetia EX90
Arethusa Goldsun Ingrid EX90
Arethusa Windbrook Lucy EX90
Arethusa Windbrook Zig Zag EX90

Very Good Two Year Olds
Arethusa Goldsun Tia VG88
Arethusa Brokaw Vestah VG88
Arethusa Absolute Destiny VG87
Lake-Point Atlantic Lila – VG87
Arethusa Goldchip Valesca VG87
Arethusa Atwood Vannora VG87
Arethusa Perseus Alana VG86
Arethusa Goldsun Disaronno VG86
Arethusa Sid Astra VG86
Arethusa Windbrook Acacia VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Alahanna VG86
Arethusa Perseus Alora VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Aneko VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Mio VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Tristan VG85


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