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April Milk Price Up For Some

Wisconsin farmers worried about their alfalfa and pasture situations can at least take heart that their milk price is growing.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said eleven of the major milk producing states are expecting a higher milk price in April over March.  9 will witness a decrease – and 3 no change at all.

In Wisconsin, the April milk price will increase 30 cents a hundredweight over the March pay price to $19.70 per hundredweight – or $1.69 per gallon at the farm gate.  That’s for all the milk produced in the state for April.

The all-milk price across the U.S. in March was $19.10 per hundredweight.

California was expecting the largest increase in its April milk price.  Going up a projected 89 cents to $18.40 a hundredweight or $1.58 per gallon.

Idaho and Minnesota were both expecting a 40 cent increase.  On the other hand, Michigan’s price is expected to fall 30 cents to $19.40 per hundredweight.

Source: Wisconsin Farm Report

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