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April 2019 – Holstein Canada Genetic Evaluations

For the April 2019 – Holstein Canada Genetic Evaluations, an updated Holstein Pro$ and LPI formula come into effect. The genetic base for Pro$ was also updated so that the units and scale of expression remain correct over time. This means that there will be an observed average Pro$ decrease of $420 for the top proven Holstein sires due to the genetic base update. Since this is the first genetic base update for Pro$ since it was introduced in 2015, this translates to an annual genetic base of $105 per year. Going forward, at the time of the April evaluation each year, CDN will automatically update the Pro$ formula and apply a genetic base update similar to the process for production traits. See the Summary Table for the April Evaluation HERE!

“Duke” Claims the Throne for LPI and Pro$

Claynook Fenella Duke VG-85, #37 LPI Cow, and daughter of #1 LPI & Pro$ Bull, S-S-I Montross Duke-ET.

Leading both the LPI and Pro$ lists this April is newly proven S-S-I Montross Duke-ET, a Montross son out of S-S-I Sprsire Mabel 8828-ET, by Supersire. Duke is also the new #1 sire for Protein and #3 for Fat. In addition to Duke, four other sires are in common among the Top 10 for either LPI or Pro$. Next in line at #2 LPI is the second highest newly proven sire for both indexes, Benner Bardo (Flame son out of Benner Mogul Bobby Sue), who also achieves #6 for Pro$ and #5 for Fat. A third impressive newcomer that ranks among the Top 10 for both national indexes is Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET (#7 Pro$, #9 LPI), a Midnight son out of Ronelee Feeling Fancy-ET by Mogul. Staying firm at #3 LPI is EDG Rubicon-ET, who jumps up from #25 Pro$ to take #2 position this April. Rubicon also reaches #1 Fat to now be tied with Mapel Wood Brewmaster, who is solid this round taking #5 spot for both LPI andPro$.

Two other newly proven sires penetrate the ranks among the Top 10 LPI this round. Gillette Cleveland (Bombero son out of Clear-Echo Mcutchen 2820-ET) debuts at #6 LPI (#18 Pro$) and Boldi V Aptitude (Davinci son out of Boldi V S G Epic Aster) lands at #8 LPI (#21 Pro$). Aptitude shares Velthuis SG MOM Alesia as maternal granddam with Boldi Andre at #4 LPI and #14 Pro$ (Flame son out of Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa) as well as Boldi V Armour (#13 LPI, #22 Pro$, by Jabir). Previously proven Bovo Bomba (Doorman x Super) gains 226 LPI points and catapults from #54 spot to take #7 LPI this April (#188 Pro$) and maintains his status as the #1 proven sire for Conformation, now at +18. Rounding out the Top 10 LPI list and maintaining this status from December is Gillette Byroad (Shotglass x Windbrook) at #10 LPI (#64Pro$).

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Beyond the previously mentioned sires ranking among the Top 10 for both national indexes, there are five others to achieve Top 10 Pro$ status this round. The breed leader for Pro$ and LPI last December, Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET, slips to #3 Pro$ and #11 LPI this round. Three sires that achieve Top 10 status for both Pro$ and Protein include Bryceholme Brodie-ET at #4 Pro$ (#5 Protein, #2 Milk, #23 LPI), EDG AltaYura-ET at #9 Pro$ (tied #9 Protein, #102 LPI), and View-Home Day Missouri-ET at #10 Pro$ (#4 Protein, #5 Milk, #75 LPI). Also ranking among the Top 10 Pro$ this round, after taking a jump up in rank from #32 to #8, is Seagull-Bay Silver-ET (Mogul x Snowman), who also ranks #26 for LPI. A final noteworthy newly proven duo, who both tie Dymentholm Mr Apples Avalanche at #2 Conformation this round with +16 are Cedarwal Knox (Anton son out of Wiamy Krystaleen Epic) and Stantons Expander (High Octane son out of Stantons UnoEnya).

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Strong Sire Diversity Among Newly Proven Sires
A total of 98 genomic young bulls born since 2013 receive their first official progeny proof this round. This group includes the first crop of proven sons in Canada for several different sires including Montross (7), Deductive (6), Tango (5) and Davinci, Bombero and Balisto each with four sons. Mogul maintains his status of having the most sons among the Top 100 with 11 for LPI and 15 forPro$.

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned, there are seven other newcomers among the Top 35 for LPI and/or Pro$. Claynook Denim, a Flame son out of Claynook Dorinda Snowman, debuts at #12 LPI (#50 Pro$), and is closely followed by Plain-Knoll Dragon-ET (Dictate son out of S-S-I Bookem Modesto7269-ET) at #15 LPI (#27 Pro$). For Pro$, it is Anderstrup Heaven-ET (Balisto son out of Anderstrup Snow Heaven ET), who makes his newly proven debut at #13 Pro$ (#150 LPI) and also takes #7 Protein. Brabantdale Dax-ET, a Davinci son out of TJR McCutchen Dice-ET, arrives with a balanced ranking for both indexes at #22 LPI at #23 Pro$ this round. Croteau A L Ballistic (Balisto son out of Lesperron Uno Dazz) achieves #26 Pro$ and #35 LPI while also taking #4 position for Fat. Progenesis Kane (Bombaro son out of Lookout Pesce Pronde Kreed, by Mogul) lands at #31 Pro$ (#51 LPI), just ahead of his maternal brother by Kingboy, namely Progenesis Kal at #38 Pro$ and #47 LPI. PES009 Battle (Jacey x Uno) also achieves Top 35 status this round with his debut at #31 LPI (#56 Pro$).

Newly Indexed Cow Ranks #1 for GLPI
This April, two newly indexed cows make the headlines by entering the Top 10 for GLPI and/or Pro$. The highest newcomer is Gusnis Duke Becky, who impressively debuts at #1 GLPI (#15 Pro$). Becky is sired by the new #1 bull for LPI and Pro$, S-S-I Montross Duke-ET, and is out of Alphagen Brewmaster Silia. Following Becky as the highest newly indexed cow is Bofran Detour Flavie, who ranks among the Top 10 for both national indexes at #7 GLPI and #9 Pro$. Flavie is also sired by a newly proven bull this round, Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET (#7 Pro$, #9 LPI), and is out of Bofran Pepper Fantastique (tied #10 Fat). The Pro$ list is led by Stantons So Excited- ET, who takes a large leap up from #104 spot in December, landing at #1 for Pro$ while maintaining her position as the breed leader for Fat.

Six previously indexed cows rank among the Top 10 for both GLPI and Pro$. Five of these cows carry the “Stantons” prefix, the highest of which is former #1 GLPI cow Stantons Does Appear- ET, who slips down one position to #2 GLPI (#6 Pro$). Next highest are Stantons Real Dollars- ET at #3 GLPI (#4 Pro$) and Stantons Delta Approved-ET at #3 Pro$ (#5 GLPI), who is a full sister to the aforementioned Stantons Does Appear-ET. Rounding out the “Stantons” cows ranking among the Top 10 for both national indexes are Stantons Bee Desired-ET (#2 Pro$) and Stantons Rubicon Cranking Up (#7 Pro$) and they are tied for #8 GLPI. Full sister to Desired and former #3 Pro$ cow, Stantons Bee Daisy-ET, takes position #10 for Pro$ this April while Stantons Silver Emoticon-ET comes in at #10 GLPI (#14 Pro$). The Stanton herd is also #1 for LPI and #2 for Pro$ after the April round.

Maternal sisters out of Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#11 GLPI, #27 Pro$) are the highest ranking polled animals in the breed. Dudoc Silver Sarcasme*POC ranks #4 for GLPI and #8 Pro$ while Dudoc Missouri Menace P*POR holds the #5 position for Pro$ (#34 GLPI). Lindenright Rubicon Moofia stays strong at #6 LPI (#154 Pro$) and completes the Top 10 GLPI list this April. Other noteworthy newly indexed cows include two that tie for #1 as breed leaders for Conformation at +17. These include Westcoast Orion Aryane 4727, who is a daughter of Progenesis Orion out of MS Apple Aryane-ET and Mosnang Jacoby Legendairy, a Jacoby daughter out of Mosnang AirIntake Lullaby.

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