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Apply now for 2019 Jersey Youth Academy

Jersey Youth AcademyThe mission of the Jersey Youth Academy is to attract, educate and retain talented young people for careers in the Jersey dairy business. It will be achieved through cooperative efforts of the American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc., Jersey owners everywhere, and allied industry.

The sixth Jersey Youth Academy class will be held in 2019 starting Sunday, July 14 and concluding on Friday, July 19 in Columbus, Ohio. Applications will be accepted through December 1, 2018. A maximum of 36 qualified youth will be selected.

Jersey Youth Academy provides a unique educational experience that motivates youth of high school and college age to prepare for and succeed in their adult careers in some aspect of the dairy industry, but specifically working with Jersey cattle and/or Jersey products.

As authorized by the Board of Directors of the American Jersey Cattle Association in June of 2008, Jersey Youth Academy seeks to:

  • Encourage, guide and train youth from Jersey farm families towards productive careers in the dairy industry;
  • Identify and support talented youth from outside the Jersey community who are motivated to pursue a career in this industry;
  • Strengthen the connection of these young people to the American Jersey Cattle Association and demonstrate the fundamental importance of its breed improvement, marketing and promotional programs;
  • Expand knowledge and understanding of the range of professional careers associated with the dairy industry and the academic preparation necessary to achieve success in those careers;
  • Through a strong fundraising effort, develop a high-quality program that will attract student participation and also provide substantial financial support based on need, interest and ability, and
  • Contribute to the general development of competence, confidence, positive social connections, and character by Academy participants.

The aim of the Academy is to develop the human resources that will be required to sustain and develop Jersey dairy businesses in the United States. This project is envisioned as a cooperative effort among all dairy industry stakeholders. Without exception, these stakeholders need qualified, interested young people for the continuation and success of their businesses.

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