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Applications Being Accepted for Dairy 30×20 Program

A state’s newer grant program that aims to boost state milk production by billions of pounds annually is once again taking applications from producers. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture announced on Friday that the Dairy 30×20 Initiative is accepting applications for financial assistance through March 15. Dairy farmers with a plan, a purpose and twenty percent in matching funds may qualify to receive up to $5,000 to implement expansion changes to their operations.

“The purpose for Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30×20 is to provide the support, technical expertise and assistance for dairy farmers, of all types and sizes, to improve farm management, facilitate operational changes and increase profitability,” said State Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel. “Ultimately, that will help us reach the goal of producing 30 billion pounds of milk a year by 2020 to meet the growing marketplace demand for quality Wisconsin milk.”

Assistance is provided by 30×20 teams in two areas: Planning & Preparation and Dairy Profit. The Planning and Preparation Teams work with farmers who are considering change in business structure, investment in facilities or modernization and expansion. Dairy Profit Teams support the farmer making changes in how they operate whether it is forming a nutrition plan, managing herd health, planning for managed grazing, transitioning to organic, implementing new technology, or meeting environmental challenges.

“We can be a ‘one stop shop’ that connects dairy farmers with the services that are available through local, state and federal agencies and private consultants supporting dairy farmers,” added Brancel. “The goal for these services is to meet the growing demand in the marketplace for high quality Wisconsin milk by helping farmers with decisions related to profitability and ways to increase overall milk production.”

For more information about the program or to obtain an application, call the Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30×20 Team at 855-943-2479.
Source:  Wisconsin Ag Connection

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