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Another great classification round for Opsal’s Ridge Registered Holsteins

What a fantastic day for Opsal’s Ridge Registered Holsteins in Blue Mounds, WI when the classifier stopped by yesterday!

Opsal Mogul Courtney now EX-94 at 7 years old! Photo credit: Opsal’s Ridge Registered Holsteins

Classification Highlights

-Opsal Diamondback Madison VG-88
-Opsal Ammo Reputation VG-87
-Opsal Blake Corbella VG-87
-Opsal Doorman Carolina VG-86
-Opsal Byway Calypso VG-85
(Byway x Claudette EX-95)
-Opsal Blake Corrine VG-86
-Opsal Atwood Elsa VG-86
-Opsal Monterrey Emmylou VG-86
-Opsal Wilstar Beemer Dancer VG-85
-Opsal Doorman Hildalightful VG-85

-Ryan-Vu Gchip Claudette EX-95
-Opsal Mogul Courtney EX-94
-Opsal Wilstar Dare Shot 2E-94
-Opsal Aftershock Specialize 2E-93
-Opsal Gold Chip Freedom 2E-93
-Opsal Guthrie Chanel EX-93
-Opsal Aspen Charity 3E-92
-Opsal McCutchen Chalice EX-92
-STJ-PV Doorman Harp EX-91
-Cleland Avalanche Ada-Red EX-90
-Opsal Aftershock Dorinda EX-90
-Opsal Doorman Fiorella EX-90
-Opsal Redburst Maddie-Red EX-90
-Opsal Gold Chip Sammy EX-90
-Opsal McCutchen Synthetic EX-90

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