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Announcing Australia’s new indices

Australia’s new breeding indices were officially launched last friday 28th at the Australian Dairy Industry Council’s annual industry leaders breakfast. The three new indices, to be introduced in April 2015, mean dairy farmers now have more choice when selecting bulls for their herd.

The three indices are:

Balanced Performance Index – replaces the Australian Profit Ranking and achieves farm profit through a balance of longevity, health, type and efficient production.

Type Weighted Index – a specialised index for farmers wanting to fast track type, and

Health Weighted Index– a specialised index for farmers wanting to fast track fertility & survival

Daniel Abernethy said the three indices were developed following an extensive review process which involved direct farmer input on trait preferences and breeding philosophies. “It was clear from farmer feedback that while farm profit was a national breeding objective certain farmers placed more emphasis on different traits when making bull selection decisions. This finding supported the introduction of multiple indices,” Mr Abernethy said.

For more information on the changes click here or if you have any questions contact Michelle Axford on 0427 573 330 or [email protected]

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