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An Excellent day for Brookbora Jerseys

Brookbora Jerseys from Northen Victoria, Australia had a day filled with “Excellent” results at their recent classification!

Love Lies 686 EX-92 ©Brookbora Jerseys

Classification Highlights

  • Brookbora Barnabas Sleeping Beauty EX-93 3rd lactation
  • Brookbora Love Lies 684 (Ottens) EX-92
  • Brookbora Vanahlem Destiny EX-92

EX-91 scored cows

  • Aspire Vanahlem Charo 2nd Max owned with Simon and Tekoa Atkins
  • Brookbora Vanahlem Dawn Max
  • Brookbora Standard Lady 298 (Vanahlem)
  • Brookbora Love Lies 728 (Vanahlem)
  • Kaddy TBone Illagay 46

EX-90 scored cows

  • Brookbora Love Lies 741 (Marcin)
  • Brookbora Lemmonhead Adeline
  • Brookbora Valentino Vanessa
  • Brookbora Dainty 291 (Valentino)
  • Brookbora Eileen 123 (Valentino) 88Max [email protected]
  • Brookbora Eileen 127 (Valentino)
    Brookbora Oliver Jenny
  • Brookbora Vanahlem Tess 3
  • Brookbora Barnabas Countess
  • Brookbora Dainty 300 (Valentino)
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