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An Excellent Classification Day at Claquato Farm

Claquato Farm had the classifier out for the day to score 50 cows which results in 2 Multiple Excellent, 6 new Excellents (1 MAX at 92), 10 Very Good 2-year-olds, 19 Very Good 3 & 4-year-olds and 13 with a Good Plus scoring! Congratulations on an incredible day!

Whey-Mat DB Paige VG-88 MS91 2-year-old

Classification Highlights

  • Claquato O’Kaliber Twilight EX-91 2E
  • Claquato O’Kaliber Ribbon EX-90 2E
  • Claquato O’Kaliber River EX-90
  • Glenn-Ann Doorman Shanana EX-92 MAX
  • Claquato Solo Cup EX-90 (Solomon)
  • Claquato Apple Blossom EX-90 (Awesome-Red full sister to Apple Brandy)
  • Claquato Whickham Better Be Me EX-90
  • Claquato Defiant Jackie EX-90
  • Whey-Mat DB Paige VG-88 91 MS 2Y (Diamondback)
  • Claquato Solomon Dreidel VG-88
  • Claquato America Ethel VG-88
  • Claquato Wickham Razzle VG-88
  • Claquato Coronado Ritzy VG-88
  • Claquato HO Take It Easy VG-88 (High Octane)
  • Claquato Sidekick Paparazzi VG-87 2Y
  • Claquato CDoor Ferris Wheel VG-87 2Y (CinderDoor)
  • Claquato Unix Sunrise VG-87
  • Claquato Solomon Swirl VG-87
  • Claquato Control Jacky VG-87
  • Claquato HighOctane Pandora VG-87
  • Claquato Sidekick Riptide VG-87
  • Claquato Tatoo Roll Tide VG-87
  • Claquato America Dixie VG-86 2Y
  • Claquato Sidekick Jamie VG-86 2Y
  • Claquato DBack Raymond VG-86 2Y (Diamondback)
  • Claquato Alt Kodiak-Red VG-85 2Y (Altitude)
  • Claquato Cinderdoor Rival VG-85 2Y
  • Claquato A Tequila Did It VG-85 2Y (America)
  • Claquato Sidekick Trixie VG-85 2Y
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