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AMSS Announces Parentage Change for Innisfail KO Lady 0174

The American Milking Shorthorn Society has been advised that INNISFAIL KO Lady 0174, Registration Number 449165, has genomes present from the Holstein bull, BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET, indicating that he is her sire. Data has been provided to AMSS from two different laboratories to confirm this parentage. Maxxam, Inc., AMSS’s official lab for DNA testing confirmed BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET through microsatellites as INNISFAIL KO LADY 0174’s sire. Genetic Visions-ST, LLC recently completed a genomic test for parentage and came to the same conclusion as Maxxam, Inc. confirming BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET as the correct sire.

INNISFAIL KO LADY 0174’s DNA was submitted for testing to comply with the AMSS DNA Policy for Embryo Transfers “All cows used as embryo donors must be genotyped or DNA typed before the offspring can be registered.” When the DNA Genetic Marker Report was complete, KUSZMAR ALFAIRS OTHELLO was excluded as the sire for INNISFAIL KO LADY 0174.

Based on the current known facts, the AMSS Board has directed that the pedigree of INNISFAIL KO LADY 0174, Registration Number 449165, be corrected to reflect the change in her sire from KUSZMAR ALFAIRS OTHELLO to BURKET-FALLS LO-NOX-RED-ET. She will therefore be registered as a GI, since her dam was an EXP. As a consequence of this action, all registered Milking Shorthorns with “Lady 0174” present in their pedigrees will be updated accordingly to reflect the change in Lady 0174’s parentage. All show winnings and production honors earned in the past will stand as they are in the AMSS’s pedigree database for every animal affected by this change. Going forward, animals that have been affected by herdbook status change will only be able to be shown if their corrected herdbook status is an EXP or Full Herdbook.

Approximately 190 animals (male and female) recorded by the American Milking Shorthorn Society to date have “Lady0174” present in their pedigrees. Particular offspring of Lady 0174 affected include (now with new herdbook status): GI2 LAKE EFFECT MD LAUREN 7215; LAKE EFFECT IPOD GENESIS 9108 EXP; and GE JMR REMIS LUGAR. The Society is in the process of updating the registry status of all offspring and is proceeding to issue replacement registration certificates to their owners. The cost of the replacement certificates will be covered by the breeder of Lady 0174.

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