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AltaBaxter Passes Away at Nearly 14 Years of Age

A few months short of his 14th birthday, global icon and sire of sons, Emerald-Acr-SA T-Baxter has passed away.

AltaBaxterAltaBAXTER concludes his career as Alta’s all-time leader in lifetime production and sales, recently surpassing 1,166,000 total units, which were sold in over 50 countries.

Born in 2002, AltaBAXTER received his first daughter proof in 2006. Despite two genetic base changes since then, he remains at a respectable +1252 PTAM, +3.3 PL, and 1923 TPI. A bull ahead of his time, and unrivaled by bulls of his era, AltaBAXTER passed on to his offspring the production of Bolton, the PL of O Man and the type of Shottle.

AltaBAXTER was also a favorite among the barn staff at the Conrich, AB, Canada facility where he lived. He was one-of-a-kind, with a pleasant demeanor, and could be comfortably handled by all. His sons at Alta were stamped with the same outstanding conformation, strength and easy-going dispositions as their remarkable sire.

AltaBAXTER left a lasting impact on herds around the world. He sired high-producing, long-living functional type daughters, and is the sire or maternal grandsire of several famous males and females in the Holstein industry. Some of those include sons AltaRAZOR, AltaEXACTER and AltaDECREE, grandsons Petrone and Epic and daughters R-Z Baxter Caramel, Fleury Gen Baxter Lisa, Mapel Wood Baxter Bethany and KHW-I Aika Baxter.

Congratulations to Emerald Acres and Scott Armbrust for breeding a sire that had such an influence over the current Holstein breed. Congratulations to Jay Jauquet for buying this all-time great. Thank you to the Alta barn and lab staff for providing the ultimate care for AltaBAXTER throughout his life, and to the clients and partners who put their trust in this sire to positively impact their breeding programs.

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