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Allflex wins two Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards at the World Dairy Expo

The Allflex Group is proud to announce that two SCR products were awarded innovation honors at the World Dairy Expo held in early October in Madison, WI.

The SenseTime cloud-based electronic cow monitoring system and the eSense ear tag were both named as winners in the 2017 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards – World Dairy Expo Edition.

According to Dairy Herd Management Magazine, the awards recognize the top 10 dairy industry innovations introduced over the previous year, selected for their ability to help producers manage their herds better and more cost effectively. A panel of nine judges, including six farmers and three technology experts from leading universities, determined the winners. The criteria considered were the products’ usefulness, uniqueness, return on investment and ability to improve herd performance or day-to-day dairy farm management.

The SCR products were the only cow monitoring products that made it into the top 10.

SenseTime is a sophisticated, modular cow monitoring solution that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups. With SenseTime, dairy farmers can make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity.

The eSense Flex ear tag is designed for long-lasting performance in vastly varying farm environments and temperatures. It is made of a UV-resistant material, for high durability, and has a special shock-absorbing head that increases resilience. The eSense tag transmits actionable information back to the SenseTime system. Along with the cSense Flex neck tag, which also works with the SenseTime system, the eSense Flex tag is the newest and most advanced monitoring ear tag on the market.
“We are very honored that our SenseTime system and eSense tags have been singled out by the prestigious Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards,” commented Matteo Ratti, Allflex VP Group Livestock Intelligence, “Dairy farms of every size and type can benefit greatly from adopting innovative technologies to help them improve their management, productivity and outcomes, but it’s not always simple to know which ones will have the most benefit. Awards such as this provide third-party endorsement and help highlight where to prioritize limited investment resources.”

About Allflex
The Allflex Group is the world leader in animal intelligence across many livestock and companion animal species. Allflex brings cutting-edge, practical applications of visual, electronic, and tissue sampling identification technology to farmers, livestock industries, and other related partners across the world, contributing to a safer global food supply. Allflex has been leading the development of the industry for over half a century and operates major production facilities worldwide (in Europe, North and South America, China, Australia, and New Zealand). Its products are used in more than 60 countries. Allflex employs over 1800 people worldwide.

About SCR
As part of the Allflex Group, SCR is the leading pioneer of Cow and Milking Intelligence, and is continually building on over 40 years of meaningful innovation. Monitoring millions of cows worldwide, SCR’s data-driven solutions are trusted by successful dairy farmers to deliver the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow. Improving efficiency and driving growth, SCR helps to ensure a secure and prosperous future for their farms and families.

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