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All West Select Sires BC Sales Team in Place

All West/Select Sires is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Lindhout to the BC Sales Team.  Chris will join Albert Streutker and together the pair will represent All West throughout the province, doing direct sales of the industry’s best lineup of dairy and beef sires.

Chris Lindhout All West/Select Sires BC Sales Team
Chris Lindhout All West/Select Sires BC Sales Team

Chris comes to the All West group with years of dairy experience, working for
both commercial and purebred herds in western Canada.  Not only has he been the manager of a 50-cow dairy in Rosedale, but most recently he helped with milking and reproductive work on a dairy in Chilliwack.  Likely one of Chris’ most favorite tasks is helping Westcoast Holsteins with their world-renowned show string, and owning Westcoast Braxton Ravelynn, the 2nd spring yearling & Res. Junior Champion of the 2013 Western Spring National Show in Richmond, UT.

Chris was part-owner of Rollin Holsteins, a venture in which he and a friend
purchased a deep-pedigreed animal.  They flushed the heifer, and gained valuable experience marketing embryos and offspring.  He still is a part-owner of Ravendale Holsteins that he owns with his brother-in-law.

“Whether it’s working on a registered or commercial dairy, I’ve always been
very interested in analyzing proof sheets and studying cow family pedigrees,” said the 28-year-old.  “I’m glad for the experiences I’ve had working for various dairies because that gives me a hands-on perspective to what my customers are dealing with.  It was just a natural thing to join the All West team and work for such a great industry leader.”

Chris and his wife, Richelle, have two children and reside in Agassiz, BC.  To contact him for more information on the All West Select Sires lineup, or schedule a visit, please call 604.991.3780 or email [email protected]

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