All-West Competition 2023 entries due November 24! - Cowsmo

All-West Competition 2023 entries due November 24!

Cowsmopolitan is once again pleased to present the All-West Competition 2023! Entries are due November 24. You can submit your entries through our ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM.

All-West RULES
All-West PDF Entry Form

Junior Calf (born on or after 3/1/23)
Intermediate Calf (born 12/1/22 thru 2/28/23)
Senior Calf (born 9/1/22 thru 11/30/22)
Summer Yearling (born 6/1/22 thru 8/31/22)
Junior Yearling (born 3/1/22 thru 5/31/22)
Intermediate Yearling (born 12/1/21 thru 2/28/22)
Junior Breeder’s Herd (Group of three animals carrying the same prefix)
Senior Yearling – not in milk (born 9/1/21 thru 11/30/21)
Winter Yearling in Milk (born 12/1/21 to 2/28/2022)
Senior Milking Yearling (born 9/1/21 to 11/30/21)
Summer Junior 2-Year-Old* (born 6/1/21 thru 8/31/21)
Spring Junior 2-Year-Old (born 3/1/21 thru 5/31/21)
Winter 2-Year-Old (born 12/1/20 to 2/28/21)
Fall 2-Year-Old (born 9/1/20 thru 11/30/20)
Junior 3-Year-Old (born 3/1/20 thru 8/31/20)
Senior 3-Year-Old (born 9/1/19 thru 2/28/20)
4-Year-Old (born 9/1/17 thru 8/31/19)
5-Year-Old (born 9/1/16 thru 8/31/18)
Mature Cow (born before 9/1/17)
Breeder’s Herd* (Group to consist of three milking age females all who have been bred, all or in part, by their exhibitor.)

* Individual photos of each of the animals entered in a group must be taken during the current contest year and submitted with the group entry.

** Cowsmopolitan reserves the right to combine classes in order to make them full & competitive. 


Heifer Class (Junior, Intermediate & Senior Calf )
Yearling Class (Summer, Junior, Intermediate & Senior Yearling)
Intermediate Cow (Milking Yearling, Two & Three Year Old)
Senior Cow (Four Year & Older)


Class will be based on 70% production, 15% classification and 15% on the photograph. Show results will not contribute to the nomination. The requirements to submit a nomination will be that the cow must be scored VG or better and production must be submitted along with a photo that has been taken in the last 2 years.

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