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Albadon Farms earns top 2012 Herd Management Score

CanWest DHI is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Herd Management Award for Ontario is Albadon Farms, Mark and Josh Ireland of Teeswater in Bruce county.

With a score of 998 out of a possible 1000 points, the Irelands have acheived superior performance across all aspects of herd management. Their 2012 Score was also tops for the entire CanWest region (Ontario to British Columbia), which encompasses 4,200 DHI herds.

The DHI Herd Management Score allocates points for performance in 6 different management areas and is an excellent barometer of overall herd performance. It is a great tool for monitoring overall herd performance from year to year and also allows herds to benchmark themselves against others.

The Irelands, with a herd size of 190 Holsteins, attribute their herd management success to attention to details. High priority is given to the transition area of the barn, which has paid off in excellent production, reproduction and udder health. They make extensive use of their advisors and consider them a part of the farm management team.

The Ireland family was thrilled about the news, “We work hard and try to do our best. There are many well managed herds in Canada, and to be recognized with the top Herd Management Score is very exciting”.

CanWest DHI also extends congratulations to Summitholm Holstein, Lynden-Wentworth county, who were second in the province and Armstrong Manor, Caledon-Peel county, who ranked third.

Source: CanWest DHI

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