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AI Total bulls are ready for the future!

The August proof run has brought great news for AI Total. AI Total is excited that their high ranking sires did very well and is pleased to announce a few exciting new bulls that fit the needs of commercial dairy farmers around the globe.

AI Total is excited that Vendairy Wonder *cv did well this proof run after adding 308 daughters to his proof. Wonder continues to be one of the highest sons of Shottle and farmers who are milking Wonder daughters are extremely pleased with the results. The daughters continue to impress with great frames, outstanding rumps and fantastic udders. Which was confirmed by his progeny group at the All-Holland Dairy Show end of June, where his group was voted as one of the best progeny groups! CLICK HERE for a short YouTube clip of the Wonder daughters at the All-Holland Dairy Show (NRM 2014).

 Progeny Group Wonder NRM

Already on the list was Glamour Carlo (Mogul x Robust) from the Larcrest cowfamily, Carlo scores GTPI+2453 including >1000 Lbs Milk, +150Lbs combined fat and protein, great health traits, compact cows with great udders and feet and legs.

From the same family is the new addition DG Condor (Mogul x Larcrest Cale VG-89-2YR). Conder sires the type of cows which is appreciated by many commercial dairy farmers. Compact sized cows with great udders, good feet and legs combined with great fitness and nearly +150 Lbs combined fat and protein

Another really exciting new addition to the line-up is Broeks Modius (Mogul x Toystory x Ronelee Outside Dabble). His complete profile including >2000Lbs Milk, >3points on type, including averaged sized cows with great rumps, udders and good feet and legs and easy calving’s are making Modius an easy bull to use.

Another bull with dazzling production numbers is Anderstrup Heavey (Massey x Snowman x Shottle), Heavey scores GTPI+2418 with dazzling production numbers including +160 combined fat and protein, good somatic cell score and allround type. Heavey is the #1 GTPI Massey son in the Breed!

From the Altitude family AI Total has the high Allround GTPI RED sire RH DG Adam-Red available soon. Adam scores nearly +1000Lbs for milk, positive components resulting in over +122 Lbs combined fat + protein. He has an impressive linear profile with positive scores on nearly all traits including fantastic rumps, great combination of strength and dairy and is flawless on the fitness traits. And with his maternal line he can be used on a lot of the Red/*RC pedigrees!

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